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Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(23) --- Ron Howard - Mar 24 (Tue), 2020 03:17 UTC No.4397
AUSTRALIA. 5055, Radio 4KZ, on March 19, cut off at 1101:52* UT. March 23, noted 1055-1101:36*,
so going off about four seconds earlier every day; signal strong enough to be able to easily ID the pop
song (Paul Young - "Every Time You Go Away"); cut off during the news ("Thousand of jobs lost," etc.).

BOUGAINVILLE. 3325, NBC Bougainville, 0858-1004 & 1027-1040 UT, March 23. Reception above the
norm; weather forecast; 0901, NBC news; all items dealing with Coronavirus/COVID-19, except for item
about the supreme court considering case about the constitution; promos for NBC TV; segments with pop
songs (Elton John - "Sacrifice," USA for Africa - "We Are The World," Michael Jackson - "Heal The World,"
etc.); many segments about ?Coronavirus/COVID-19 (schools suspended, etc.). Very enjoyable to hear them
at this decent level. Later at 1117, was only hearing Voice of Indonesia, with no NBC underneath (early off?).

CHINA. 3303-USB, Zhoushan Marine Meteorological Radio Station, 1109-1116 UT, March 23. Now that I have
started to again check this frequency, am hearing them daily with almost fair reception.

4940, Voice of Strait, 0945-0955 UT, Saturday, March 21. Weekend "Focus on China" with panel of experts
answering questions about Coronavirus/COVID-19; QRM from OTH radar, but still readable. ?

6185, China Huayi Broadcast Co. (presumed), 0924-0954 UT, March 20. Non-stop pop songs in English (Ricky
Martin - "Go Go Go Ale Ale Ale," etc.), with one brief announcer in Chinese; *0954, hit with strong VOK start
up, totally blocking CHBC.

6200-USB, VC01, Chinese military numbers station, 1132 UT, March 23. First day here; mixing with Tibet on
frequency. Seems to me rather a strange frequency to choice, as this is a long standing frequency of Tibet
and surely there are better frequencies? My audio at http://bit.ly/2Usions .

INDIA. 5040, AIR Jeypore, 1217+ UT, March 21, 22, 23. Back on the air again after a brief absence.

MALAYSIA[non-Sarawak]. 9835, Sarawak FM [non-log], via Kajang, 1106+ UT thru March 23. Still silent; am
only hearing Wai FM on 11665. ?

TAIWAN. 6215, Sound of Hope, 1103+ UT, March 22-23. Unusual to only find an open carrier here; both 6230
and 6280 were normal.

VANUATU[non-log]. R. Vanuatu. From 0930+ UT, thru March 23. Am still unable to hear RV on any of their
usual frequencies (2485, 3945, 5040 or 7260). Off the air or a complete change in their schedule?

Asilomar State Beach, California
Eton E1, antenna: 30m long wire ? ?

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