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Re: Vanuatu on 2485 and 3945 kHz. --- Ron Howard - Mar 01 (Sun), 2020 20:28 UTC No.4368
- - - - ?from WOR iog today (March 1), from Wolfie:

Today NZL DX Times magazine March 2020 arrived in PDF.format.
Local Time Vanuatu is at present UTC +11hrs.

Adrian Sainsbury-NZL
has posted news of Vanuatu shortwave transmissions.
Here are the details.


VILA Time UTC Time MARCH 2020
0530-1130 1830-0030 3945
1100-1800 0000-0700 5040
1800-2230 0700-1130 3945

2230-0530 1130-1830 2485 occasional use only.

- - - - posted by me today (March 1):

Hi Wolfie - Thanks for the new info. Yes, did notice some of the changes today (March 1). Ron

VANUATU. R. Vanuatu. As Rob Wagner and I have been noticing recently, RV is still getting
adjusted to their new transmitter and experimenting with their schedule. March 1, found 7260
was off the air when checking 0618-0700; whereas yesterday RV was here with an extended
broadcast thru 0659*.

March 1 (Sunday), did observe RV on 3945 kHz., *0700-0959*; long segments of chatting in
vernacular; usual religious segments of preaching in vernacular and religious songs (sounded
like Gaither Vocal Band - "Yes, I Know," etc.); doing fairly well on this frequency. As it was
Sunday, Japan was off the air here. My audio with one minute of "Yes, I Know" and four
minutes of preaching and ending with music, at ?http://bit.ly/389IMan.

From 1000-1005, checked 5040 and 7260 for any sign of RV, but clearly not there.

On 2485 kHz., tentatively did find RV, from 1037 till cut off at 1059*. The usual religious segments
of preaching and religious songs. Language and format sounded right to be RV, so am confident it
was them, but didn't catch a positive ID, as I would have liked to hear. ?

Asilomar State Beach, Calif.
Eton E1, antenna: 100' long wire ?


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