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Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : --- Ron Howard - May 01 (Wed), 2019 06:21 UTC No.3963
BANGLADESH. 4750, Bangladesh Betar, on April 29, still carrying only the External 
Service, preempting their Home Service. Is the HS ever coming back again, or will
the External Service be here permanently now? Are they following the example of
RRI Palangkaraya (3325), which seems to have permanently dropped their local
Pro 1 programming in favor of the Voice of Indonesia? VOI has been via
Palangkaraya since about June of last year.

At 1228, with the BB IS, mixing with stronger CNR1 also on frequency; 1230 into English
till 1300, when the BB test tone started again.

BHUTAN. 6035, BBS, 1149*, on April 30. At *1139, the usual sudden start up of PBS Yunnan,
with FM99 relay, which mostly covered up BBS, but was still able to hear BBS underneath till
BBS cut off. As Glenn Hauser has reported, National Unity Radio has again moved back to
6045 and with it heavy N. Korea jamming. 6035 has what seems to be a jamming spur from
6045, making reception of both BBS and FM99 more difficult.

BOUGAINVILLE[non-logs]. 3325, NBC Bougainville, 1027+, on April 29, found NBC off the air.
Later heard the VOI carrier, with yet another day of no audio.

April 30, from 0934+, again no NBC Bougainville on the air today.)

CHINA. 6185, China Huayi Broadcast Co. (CHBC) (presumed), 1053, April 29. Recently with
greatly improved reception; do not recall them ever being so strong in the past. In Chinese; pop
song till ToH, when time pips. Also well heard April 30.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 3260, NBC Madang, (Maus Blong Garamut - Voice of Indigenous Drums),
1143-1210*, April 29 (Monday). In Pidgin; playing pop songs; 1201, the usual PNG bird call before
the start of the news in English (unreadable); suddenly cut off, which varies on a daily basis, so not
on a timer as it was years ago. On the weekend there is no 1200 news.


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