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Re: SOUTH KOREA : KBS Hanminjok Bangsong --- Amano - Mar 24 (Sun), 2019 16:34 UTC No.3880

KOREA SOUTH. 972, KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1, on Mar 20, 1800-1900.
『???? ?? ???』, "Kang Susie-e Pops Freedom".

-1801- 「?????. ?? ???, ??????.」
Korean reading, "Annyeonghaseyo. Pops Freedom, Kang Susie-ibnida."
The first song is https://youtu.be/3wZ_b_uUAdQ
-1803- "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life, Stevie Wonder? ??? KBS?????, Pops Freedom? ?????.」
My audio (01:31 edit) at http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/3880.mp3

The DJ has been changed from Kwak Young Il to Kang Susie.
I think that it was changed last year, but I don't know what time it has changed.
It used to be broadcast twice, now it is only 0300-0400 KST/JST, 1800-1900 UTC.

Kang Susie is a Korean idol singer in the 1990s.
It was also active in Japan.
She sings a very good ballad.

Saitama, Japan


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