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UNID 9670kHz, etc. --- XYZ - Jan 26, 2019 12:49 UTC No.3702
9670kHz UNID, Chinese ?, weak signal, researching now..,
(-1300* ?) Sorry, I ate dinner.. :D

3325kHz INDONESIA, Voice of Indonesia, weak modulation..
3945kHz NORTH KOREA, Echo of Unification
3991.5kHz NORTH KOREA, KCBS Pyongyang
4895kHz INDIA, All India Radio - Kurseong, (MONGOLIA off air)
5920kHz SOUTH KOREA, Voice of Freedom, K-pops
5970kHz CHINA, CNR-1, Live stream of "Gannan-General Radio" is local program.
Gannan Live : http://www.gnrtv.com/live/node_193.shtml
** Multiple CNR-1 are heard..

6035kHz CHINA, Yunnan FM99(tent.), Chinese

5970kHz CNR-1, -1400*
a other station in Chinese (not // CNR-1), who ? Gannan ??
around -1418- s/off

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