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Re: VOH - Echo of Hope on 4885 kHz. --- Amano - Jun 28, 2017 14:37 UTC No.2373
** KOREA SOUTH. On June 28:

Echo of Hope - VOH, 4885kHz at 1400-1405 start announcement checking.

3985, 5995, 6250, 6350, and 9100 were all in // Regular program.

VOH on 4885 clearly has different programming from the other frequencies.
This program name is "Radio Broadcasting Guide".
The same content is repeated every hour from 0600-0000 UTC every hour.

Below is the contents of the 5 minute start.

:Korean reading
- Opening music:Tong-il Arirang - So Ji-u

- Sound of the bell; 3 times.

- Female start announcement:
"joguggwa haeoee gyesin dongpo yeoleobun, annyeonghasib nikka?
i bangsong-eun haeoedongpochong-yeonhab-eseo bonaedeulineun VOH huimang-e meali
choi VOH huimang-e meali bangsong-eun jogug-e pyeonghwatong-il gwa jeonsegye uri
dongpodeul-e jayuwa beon-yeong-eul wi han haeoedongpo bangsong-euloseo
hangsangppaleugo jeonghwaghan sosiggwa jinsildoen naeyong-eulo yeoleobunkke yong-giwa
huimang-eul jeonhae deuligessseubnida.
VOH huimang-e meali bangsong-eun jogug sigan-eulo ohu 3(se)sibuteo da-eumnal achim
9(a-hop)si kkaji danpa 3985(sam-chong gu-peak pal-sip o) kHz wa, 4885(sa-chong
pal-peak pal-sip o) kHz, 5995(o-chong gu-peak gu-sip o) kHz, 6250(yuk-chong i-peak
o-sip) kHz, 6350(yuk-chong sam-peak o-sip) kHz, 9100(gu-chong peak) kHz lo
geuleom dongpo yeoleobun-e manh-eun aecheong-eul butagdeulimyeon so dongpo yeoleobun-e
wi han 'Radio bangsong annae'-eul sijaghagessseubnida.
yeogineun haeoedongpochong-yeonhab-eseo bonaedeulineun hui mang-e meali bangsong-ibnida.

- VOH SJ "hui mang!"

- Opening music:Arirang For One - Ji-u So

- Sound of the bell; 3 times.

- Female start announcement:
"Hello to all my fellow countrymen and overseas fellows!
This broadcast is VOH - Echo of Hope sent from the Foreign Family Alliance.
Our VOH - Echo of Hope communicates the courage and hope to everyone with constantly
quick and accurate news and truth content as one foreign brother broadcast, with the
unity of peace in our country and the freedom and prosperity of our fellow countrymen.
VOH - Echo of Hope will be broadcast at 3985 kHz, 4885 kHz, 5995 kHz, 6250 kHz, 6350
kHz, 9100 kHz with shortwave from 3 pm in homeland time to 9 o'clock on the next day.
Then, I wish for many people 's love hearings, and I will start "Radio Broadcasting
Guide" for all my friends.
This is Echo of Hope sent from the Foreign Family Alliance. VOH."

- VOH SJ "Hope!"

Amano, listening my home, Saitama, Japan.

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