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CHINA : Voice of Jinling 6200kHz --- XYZ - Oct 02, 2016 18:25 UTC No.1746

Jiangsu People's Broadcasting Station
Voice of Jinling

SA in Chinese :
01: "Jiangsu renmin guangbo diantai, jinling zhi sheng"
02: "Jinling zhi sheng guangbo diantai"

01 mean: "Jiangsu People 's Broadcasting Station, Voice of Jinling"
02 mean: "Voice of Jinling Broadcasting Station"

Frequency : 6200kHz (since July 7, 2016; ex:5860kHz)
** The same frequency as the Xizang PBS.
Time : 1230-1500
Language : Chinese
Website : http://www.vojs.cn/2014new/c/n/
Live Stream: http://www.zuiaishiting.com/radio/js/122.html

Program Schedule; (Night only)
1100-1300 Blue Music Field
1300-1400 sea moon + Chinese fashion jigsaw music version
1400-1500 Light and shadow space - time
(1500-1600) Jiangsu Broadcasting 100 anchor song classic
+ Europe and the United States classical music

Re: CHINA : Voice of Jinling 6200kHz - XYZ Feb 18 (Sat), 2023 15:06 UTC No.5391
6200kHz -1500*, (QRM Xizang on co-channel)

This frequency NOT parallel with FM99.7 MHz..

SA just before the end time :


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