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UNID 3210kHz Australia ?? --- XYZ - Mar 15, 2016 10:12 UTC No.1115
Mar 15, 2016

This is received via remote radio in Australia. (TNX!!)
What test broadcast of low power new community radio of Australia ?

-1000- 3210kHz, weak signal maybe small transmission output...
1005 SA in English (by male). ** MP3 audio

(Memo : No signal on 5045kHz...)

-1150- (noticed) No signal


3210kHz Australia : Unique Radio - XYZ Mar 17, 2016 12:40 UTC No.1132
TNX!! MAUNO(Finland).

This station is "Unique Radio".

Re: UNID 3210kHz Australia ?? - Ron Howard Mar 17, 2016 23:55 UTC No.1134
----- posted to DXLD yg:

Hi Glenn,

March 17, out here on the coast, was only able to hear an open carrier
on 3210, randomly checking from about 1140 to 1340, but never at the
level to make out any audio. Imagine it will take an exceptional day
of very good propagation for any reception at my QTH.

Was checking due to Hiroyuki Komatsubara's alert that he heard "Unique
Radio" on March 15, via remote receiver in Australia at 1000.


- - - - Glenn posted:

3210 kHz shortwave 'Unique Radio' Halls Creek NSW Australia (Tim Gaynor)

Hi Glenn, A quick note to say I have activated a small low powered shortwave
facility from my QTH at Halls Creek, 50 km North East of Tamworth, NSW, Australia.

It's a licensed HF domestic station with a 1 kW day ERP and night time 100 watts
into the antenna. The antenna is a 35.5 metre vertical inverted wire with a 9:1
Unun and a ham antenna tuner on 3210 kHz.

I have had it on air quite a few weeknights from around 0800 till around 1300
UT although sometimes may go longer. Some weekends again from 0800 till around
1400 UT.

I would also like to air your superb show at random night times, if that's OK?
I've been airing a lot of my old net shows and also a mix of oldies. But would
like to have more DX style shows and maybe have them in programming blocks,
especially weekend nights.

So far I have received a few reception reports from The Gold Coast, Queensland,
and also Brisbane, Queensland.

Anyone hearing 'Unique radio 2SG' OR MAXIHITZ could let me know on email
nri3@... --- I will QSL for correct audio files and/or reports. Many thanks,
Glenn, and love your show. Best regards (Tim Gaynor, March 17, DX LISTENING
DIGEST) I told him fine, please do (gh)

Re: 3210kHz "Unique Radio", Australia - XYZ Mar 18, 2016 04:18 UTC No.1135
Ron-san, Thank you very nuch ! FB information!!
and thank you very much to Tim Gaynor for your information!

This is New station! (ex; "Vintage FM"(Ozy Radio))
Received directly in my location is very difficult going,
but Now I would like to direct reception !!!


Re: 3210kHz "Unique Radio", Australia - XYZ Mar 18, 2016 09:58 UTC No.1136
-0945- 3210kHz Now on the air ! 
TNX!! AUS PERSEUS Server !! (Nickname:Neil Brisbane)
YouTube: https://youtu.be/HGhOvPZAEF0

Sorry, weak signal and wrong condition today...

In my location, small signal was visible only a little.
But it does this signal that this station is unknown.

Re: UNID 3210kHz Australia ?? - Ron Howard Mar 18, 2016 22:41 UTC No.1141
RE: Australian low powered stations

----- posted to DXLD yg:

Hi Walt,

Here is some older info, for whatever it's worth.

RE: "This is Australia - Narrowband Radio Broadcasting"

(last updated August 30, 2015)

"Shortwave HF Domestic Broadcast Frequencies
2355, 2368.5, 3210, 5045, 5055 KHz in the 120,
90 and 60 meter (tropic) broadcast bands"

Today (March 18) again heard definite open carrier on 3210,
checking at 1215 & 1242. Even though stronger than yesterday,
still no audio detected.

Late last year occasionally checked 2355 kHz., but never heard
anything there.

Radio Symban (last heard by me on 2368.47) has been silent for
a long time now. Sent several emails to Tom Tsamouras at Radio
Symban asking about their status, but no response.

Regularly I check 5045 & 5055 for the return of Ozy Radio, but
nothing heard as of March 18. Last info I had from last year was:
Aug 24 - Craig Allen's comment: "hi Ron 5055 will be on air soon.
Currently building TX 1Kw." As is often the case with Craig, "soon"
takes a very long time, hi.

BTW - For a long time now there is no access to "Facebook Australia
Narrowband Broadcast Radio." Perhaps they took exception to my
disseminating their Facebook info outside Facebook?


------ Walt wrote in DXLD yg:

I was listening to AWR's Wavescan for 27 December 2015 as I was riding my
bicycle to work today. Craig Allen of Ozzy Radio fame was interviewed and
I really wonder about the accuracy of the content. He mentioned low power
stations on 120, 90, 60 meters as well as plans for the X-band, as if they
are up and running. He only mentioned his own station, which he reported
moving from 5050 to 5055 kHz, as well as "the Greek station" on (sic) 2368 kHz.
Now my question is: are any low power Australian private SW stations actually
on the air today, or is it a lot of wishful thinking? He also mentioned that
his station was omni-directional, even though he went on to state that Ozzy
Radio was fed to a dipole antenna. Since when are dipoles omni-directional?
I have just read about 3210 as one that is now on the air, although not heard
in N America yet. 73,...Walt Salmaniw

Re: UNID 3210kHz Australia ?? - XYZ Mar 19, 2016 13:12 UTC No.1142

Oh! "Radio Symban" ... The meaning of "space" in Greek...
I no longer hear imperceptibly.

3210kHz "Unique Radio", Now on air ! - XYZ Mar 19, 2016 15:21 UTC No.1144
-1515- 3210kHz Now on the air ! 
1519 Time Pips (?)

TNX! PERSEUS server in Australia. (Nickname:Neil Brisbane)

Not see it signal in my location... sorry

Re: UNID 3210kHz Australia ?? - XYZ Mar 20, 2016 10:07 UTC No.1148

-1005- 3210kHz No signal, (TNX!! PERSEUS server in Australia)

Re: UNID 3210kHz Australia ?? - XYZ Mar 23, 2016 13:38 UTC No.1172
-1335- Now on air ! on 3210kHz, (TNX! PERSEUS server in Australia)

Re: 3210kHz Unique Radio Now on air - XYZ Apr 01, 2016 09:46 UTC No.1220
-0945- 3210kHz  English , TNX! remote PERSEUS SDR in Australia

3210kHz Unique Radio in Australia - XYZ Apr 20, 2016 11:18 UTC No.1284

3210kHz Unique Radio, 100W
Website : http://www.uniqueradio.info/

3210kHz "Unique Radio", Australia Now on the air - XYZ May 06, 2016 13:12 UTC No.1326
TNX!! remote Perseus Server in Australia.

-1310- 3210kHz

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