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Re: Logs : JMH Tokyo (Radiofax) - Japan --- Amano - Mar 28, 2018 09:38 UTC No.33
Hello! Ron-san.

JAPAN. 7795, JMH Tokyo, 0710-0727, March 28.
I received "Satellite image from HIMAWARI at 06 UTC, Mar 28" in JMH.
Today's Japan is mostly sunny and the weather is fine.
Cherry Blossoms is very beautiful!
My photo at
When the image is seen, there are almost no cloudy weathers in the
south more than Hokkaido.

There is a doubtful cloudy weather on the Philippine east side.
Is it a typhoon?

7793.1 kHz (USB) : Weather Radiofax
<Saitama RX:ICF-SW7600GR ANT:AN-12>
<Software:Fldigi Mode:WEFAX-IOC576>

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