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Logs : --- XYZ - Dec 03, 2017 11:11 UTC No.20
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8143kHz Korean - XYZ Dec 10, 2017 03:32 UTC No.21
-0320- 8143kHz USB, female talk in Korean

Marine station ??

It seems it ended around -03:45-.

8806kHz - XYZ Jan 07, 2018 08:17 UTC No.22
-0810-  8806kHz USB, YL in Chinese, Shanghai Radio ?

518kHz Japanese English NAVTEX - Amano Feb 10, 2018 14:33 UTC No.25
I received Japanese English NAVTEX of 518 kHz at Eniwa City, Hokkaido.
I continued
Naha, Moji, Yokohama, Otaru, Kushiro
every 10 minutes at 13 o'clock.
Yokohama, Otaru, Kushiro were good.

Upload the image that is being received by Kushiro.
<RX:ICF-SW7600GR(SSB/USB) ANT:Built-in bar antenna>
<Software:Fldigi Mode:NAVTEX>

Re: Logs : HLL2 Seoul - Korea - Ron Howard Mar 18, 2018 19:07 UTC No.26
KOREA SOUTH. 5857.5, HLL2 Seoul, 1009-1012, March 18. In English with weather conditions at different observatories around Asia (Shanghai, Hong Kong, etc.); providing wind direction, wind speed in meters per second, air pressure in hectopascals and
temperature in Celsius; audio better than normally heard (clearer).

Was very interested to note 1209-1212 they gave different weather info; for locations in Korea(?) for "this afternoon," "tomorrow afternoon" and "day after tomorrow"; first time I have actually observed they don't repeat the same info every hour.

Re: Logs : VMW Wiluna (Radiofax) - Australia - Amano Mar 20, 2018 13:21 UTC No.27
Hello! Ron-san and Hiroyuki.

AUSTRALIA. 15615, VMW Wiluna, 0845-0855, March 20.
It was noisy, but I made a picture.
The center is Australia for a drawn map, and the lower
right is New Zealand.
"Severe TC Marcus" exists on the northwest on a map.
The air pressure is 952hp. It seem to be going to the
west and It turn aside to Australia.
These weather maps are the Australian eastern hour,
5pm (17AEDT / 06UTC). Australia is daylight saving
time right now. By the way,it's expected to end on
Apr 1, 2018 Australian daylight saving time.
A schedule account on the map would change to AEST.

15613.1 kHz (USB) : Weather Radiofax
<Saitama RX:ICF-SW7600GR ANT:AN-12>
<Software:Fldigi Mode:WEFAX-IOC576>

Re: Logs : VMC Charleville (Radiofax) - Australia - Amano Mar 22, 2018 15:39 UTC No.28
AUSTRALIA. 20469, VMC Charleville, 0845-0855, March 22.
VMC and VMW are sending a weather map of the same contents.
"Severe TC Marcus" avoids Australia and has moved, but power is being strengthened.
The air pressure is 914hp.

20467.1 kHz (USB) : Weather Radiofax
<Saitama RX:ICF-SW7600GR ANT:AN-12>
<Software:Fldigi Mode:WEFAX-IOC576>

Re: Logs : VMC Charleville (Radiofax) - Australia - Amano Mar 23, 2018 10:55 UTC No.29
AUSTRALIA. 20469, VMC Charleville, 0830-0840, March 23.
I received a weather map around Antarctica from VMC.
Valid: 0000 UTC (1100 AEDT) 23 Mar, 2018

20467.1 kHz (USB) : Weather Radiofax
<Saitama RX:ICF-SW7600GR ANT:AN-12>
<Software:Fldigi Mode:WEFAX-IOC576>

Re: Logs : Vietnam - VISHIPEL coastal stations - Ron Howard Mar 24, 2018 21:30 UTC No.30
VIETNAM. Coastal radio stations operated by VISHIPEL (Vietnam Maritime Communications and Electronics LLC) to assist fishing boats, etc. Website, in English, at . Map of their many coastal stations at .

Monitoring March 24; stations giving maritime conditions in Vietnamese, with countless mentions of 徒ilo-met・(Vietnamese for kilometers). Noted that many stations in the network no longer start and end with the distinctive series of tones that was always used in past years. All site are presumed to be correct.

7906-USB, Qui Phong Radio, *1035-1041*; with YL; no tones.

7906-USB, Hue Radio, *1050-1053*; with OM; no tones.

7903-USB, site? *1050-1051*; VISHIPEL uses this frequency for brief announcements, not maritime conditions. Thanks very much to David Crawford for originally pointing this frequency out to me. Is a challenge to catch this one, as they are infrequently on the air. Also heard *1205 to 1207* (site?); with YL; no tones.

7906-USB, Hon Gai Radio, *1105-1109*; with YL; no tones.

7906-USB, Phu Yen Radio, *1120-1124*; with YL; no tones.

7906-USB, Ca Mau Radio, *1135-1138*; with OM; no tones.

7906-USB, Nha Trang Radio, *1150-1155*; with YL; on with tones, but off without them.

7906-USB // 8294-USB, Hai Phong Radio, *1205-1211*; with YL; started and ended with series of tones.

7906-USB, Vung Tau Radio, *1220-1225*; with YL; no tones.

Also thanks to Takahito Akabayashi (Japan) for all is wonderful past assistance with these stations!

Ron, listening at Asilomar State Beach (near Monterey), California

Re: Logs : Australia weather - Ron Howard Mar 26, 2018 02:02 UTC No.31
AUSTRALIA. 6230-USB, VMW (Australia Weather West), 1305, March 25. Gave 
many weather warnings; "gale warnings", "high seas warning," etc.; strong Sound
of Hope (Taiwan) QRM; "End of transmission from VMW" 1311*

6676-USB, VOLMET weather, 1232-1234* on March 25. Gave visibility, weather,
temperatures and dew points for Adelaide, Darwin, etc. My audio at .

Ron, listening at Asilomar State Beach (near Monterey), California

Re: Logs : JMH Tokyo (Radiofax) - Japan - Amano Mar 28, 2018 09:38 UTC No.33
Hello! Ron-san.

JAPAN. 7795, JMH Tokyo, 0710-0727, March 28.
I received "Satellite image from HIMAWARI at 06 UTC, Mar 28" in JMH.
Today's Japan is mostly sunny and the weather is fine.
Cherry Blossoms is very beautiful!
My photo at
When the image is seen, there are almost no cloudy weathers in the
south more than Hokkaido.

There is a doubtful cloudy weather on the Philippine east side.
Is it a typhoon?

7793.1 kHz (USB) : Weather Radiofax
<Saitama RX:ICF-SW7600GR ANT:AN-12>
<Software:Fldigi Mode:WEFAX-IOC576>

Re: Logs : NMC California (Radiofax) - USA - Amano Mar 29, 2018 16:47 UTC No.34
USA. 8682, NMC Point Reyes, California, 1400-1413, March 29.
1400-1403 Test Pattern
It could be received very beautifully.
1404-1413 NE Pacific Goes IR Image Satellite
Noise is a little conspicuous.
This satellite image is taken a picture of at 1200 Mar 29.

8680.1 kHz (USB) : Weather Radiofax
<Saitama RX:ICF-SW7600GR ANT:AN-12>
<Software:Fldigi Mode:WEFAX-IOC576>

Re: Logs : Guangzhou Coast Radio Station - Ron Howard May 14, 2018 17:33 UTC No.35
CHINA. 17398-USB, Guangzhou Coast Radio Station (presumed), on 
May 14, with 0406* and *0501-0506*; woman in Chinese, but poor signal,
with assume marine weather. Very happy to find they are still active, as I
had not checked for a long time. Find that their former website is gone.
Couldn't locate a current one for them.

This from their 2013 eQSL to me: "Guangzhou Coast Station was established
to participate in the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea
(SOLAS) and to fulfill the responsibilities and obligations under the
International Maritime Organization (IMO). It provides safety information
to ships at sea on distress alert, safety, rescue communication, ship-to-shore
public communication, weather forecast on China marine waters, and
navigational warnings," from Mingbiao Luo.

Ron, listening at Asilomar State Beach, California

Re: Logs : HLL2 Seoul - Ron Howard Jun 07, 2018 01:48 UTC No.38
KOREA SOUTH. 5857.5, HLL2 Seoul, June 6, with audio somewhat muffled. 

1302-1305 - Korean - My audio at

1305-1312 - English - My audio at Weather conditions
at different observatories around Asia (Beijing, etc.); providing wind direction,
wind speed in meters per second, air pressure in hectopascals and temperature
in Celsius.

1312-1320 - Japanese - My audio at

1320-1328 - Chinese - My audio at

Ron, listening at Asilomar State Beach, California
Et E1, antenna: 30m long wire

Re: Logs : Zhoushan Marine Meteorological Radio Station - Ron Howard Jul 24, 2018 15:03 UTC No.39
CHINA. 3303-USB, Zhoushan Marine Meteorological Radio Station, 1113-1115*;
in Chinese. Last time I heard this station was back in Dec. 2008! Website -
Zhoushan Meteorological Bureau -

Google translation:

"Zhoushan Marine Meteorological Radio Station is located in Putuoshan Scenic
Area, Zhoushan City. It was established in November 1994. It is the earliest
professional radio station in the country to provide weather protection for fishing
vessels and other vessels at sea. After sea distance test, the effective listening
distance can reach 500. More than a kilometer. The radio station adopts sea
surface wave and sky wave synchronous transmission mode, and the antenna
is vertically polarized and transmitted; the signal transmission is transmitted by
a 2KW single sideband high power transmitter, which has the characteristics of
large power and long propagation distance. The transmission frequency of the
radio station is 3303KHZ. As long as the vessel operating at sea is equipped
with a short-wave single-sideband receiver, it will be able to listen to the
professional meteorological information released by the Zhoushan Marine
Meteorological Observatory four times a day in any sea area of China and the
three times a day issued by the Central Meteorological Observatory."

Re: Logs : Itoman Marine Radio (Okinawa) - Ron Howard Aug 07, 2018 02:59 UTC No.40
JAPAN/OKINAWA. 8785-USB, Itoman Marine Radio, 1000, Aug 5. Thanks again 
to Glenn Hauser for pointing out this one back in 2014; still being heard with a
good signal; in Japanese, assume giving the haul information of each Okinawan
fishery ship. Well heard more or less on a daily basis. Thanks also to Takahito
Akabayashi (Tokyo, Japan) for his original info about this station (callsign JFE)
and their mailing address: Fishery Radio Communications Center of Okinawa
Prefecture, Nishizaki 1-4-11, Itoman City, Okinawa, 901-0305 Japan. Website
(in Japanese) - . My audio at

Ron, Asilomar State Beach (near Monterey), California
Et E1, antenna: 30m long wire

Re: 8143kHz USB Korean - XYZ Aug 07, 2018 12:38 UTC No.41
Thanks to AMANO and Ron-san !!

> 8143kHz USB
I do not know the official station name for that broadcast,
this seems to be weather broadcasting.
Thanks to baido(Korea) !

8806kHz Shanghai Radio - XYZ Jan 04, 2019 01:32 UTC No.50
-0110-  8806kHz USB Shanghai Radio, in chinese, -0116*

Coastal radio station
Shanghai and Guangzhou Coast Radio Frequency Table

See also :

Re: Logs : - XYZ Jan 07, 2019 13:57 UTC No.51

Shanghai Meteo - Philby Apr 06 (Sat), 2019 05:22 UTC No.60
0505- 16559 kHz (16557.1 USB) fax 120/576 map noted FWEA72 XSG 72H WAVE HEIGHT FORECAST 

Re: Logs : 5505kHz - XYZ Dec 04 (Wed), 2019 07:49 UTC No.65
-0745- 5505kHz-USB  female reading in English

Shannon Volmet(Ireland) ?

Re: Logs : - XYZ Aug 06 (Thu), 2020 11:41 UTC No.90
-1115- 8870kHz USB, in English

Maybe Aviation radio.

Re: Logs : VLF/LF - sat_dxer Aug 10 (Mon), 2020 13:22 UTC No.91
10 Aug /20 1145z
NWC 19.8kHz Exmouth, Western Australia
NPM 21.4kHz Lualualei, HI, USA
NLK 24.8kHz Jim Creek, WA, USA
NML 25.2kHz LaMoure, ND, USA

22.2kHz NDT/JJI Ebino JPN

40.0kHz something weak noted
60.0kHz WWVB Fort Collins, CO, USA
100.0kHz BPL? also something weak noted

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