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Monitoring Korea --- Christopher J. Lehner - Jun 30 (Thu), 2022 03:10 UTC No.5082
Hello again; It's been a while since I last posted. Friday, 24 June I was on an SDR
from Hunter Valley, NSW Australia.

3250 KCBS Pyoungyang Instrumental music at 1530 UTC with some local static from storms.
43333 SINPO.

3320 Pyoungyang Broadcasting Service with an interesting saxophone instrumental at 1535 UTC.
43333 SINPO

3480 V.O. People. Jamming heard in background at 1538 UTC. Male and female anncrs in dialogue.
SINPO 33333 // 3910 which is degraded with more static SINPO 33233. Also has a different type of
jamming than what's heard on 3480.

3930 V.O.P. at 1543 Korean language. SINPO 22222 with local static and jamming.

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