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Re: Voice of Freedom --- Ron Howard - Oct 09 (Sat), 2021 20:52 UTC No.4957
Hi Amano - Thank you very much for the entertaining audio clip (by-the-way: was UT Oct 1, Friday). 
Always enjoy being able to listen in to what you are hearing!

Voice of Freedom (5920 kHz.) - Noted daily with strong North Korean pip jamming from before 0700 UT
(VOF *0753) till jamming off about 1100. Oct 9 (Saturday), good VOF reception 1130+, with "Aneun
geos-i him-ida" (Knowledge is Power). My five minute audio at http://bit.ly/3ls9ntj .

Asilomar State Beach, California, USA (near Monterey)
Eton E1; external antenna of 30m long wire

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