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Re: NBC Papua New Guinea --- Ron Howard - Nov 27, 2015 18:42 UTC No.467
3260, NBC Madang, random listening from 0821 till off at 1207*, 
Nov 27. Highlights:

0821-0900, in English; believe "NBC National Radio" relay.
0900-0918, NBC National News in English.
0918-0922, "NBC Madang News" in Pidgin/Tok Pisin; into their local programs.
1002, news in Pidgin/Tok Pisin.
1100, news in Pidgin/Tok Pisin.
1201, news in English.
1205, PSA; 1207* suddenly off in mid-sentence.

Noted recently that they no longer use the PNG bird call before
the start of the news; at times was semi-readable, but more
often unreadable; above threshold level audio the whole time.

7324.96, Wantok Radio Light continues silent; checking 0900
till 1000, Nov 27; CRI signs on.

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