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DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) :: --- XYZ - Sep 27 (Fri), 2019 09:54 UTC No.4101
This is a thread about DRM broadcasting.

Wiki : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Radio_Mondiale

Re: DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) :: 6025kHz test ? - XYZ Sep 27 (Fri), 2019 09:59 UTC No.4102
6025kHz Russia ?, -around 0955*, heavy QRM from 6030kHz CHINA CNR-1

see also : https://radio.chobi.net/bbsasia/?res:4492
Thanks AOKI !!

Re: DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) :: 6025kHz - XYZ Sep 27 (Fri), 2019 10:35 UTC No.4103
-1030- back... test music ??, Demodulated with breaks...

maybe non-stop music. Their signal strong than CHANA CNR-1(6030kHz).

See also : https://www.facebook.com/groups/wrthgroup/permalink/10157592953068698/
Thanks Mauno !

Re: DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) :: KTWR 9900kHz - XYZ Oct 03 (Thu), 2019 12:44 UTC No.4127
-1240-  poor signal in my location ..., -1244*

Re: DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) :: RUSSIA - XYZ Oct 04 (Fri), 2019 07:17 UTC No.4129
12025kHz Russia DRM, Non-stop music, maybe test TX

Re: DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) :: CHINA xHE-AAC codec DRM - XYZ Jul 01 (Wed), 2020 05:23 UTC No.4593
[xHE-AAC] ** Extended High-Efficiency AAC audio codec

Recently, a new type of DRM broadcast has been sent from China. The codec called "xHE-AAC"
is used for that, and demodulation is difficult unless special software is used.
The new type of DRM broadcast still seems to be testing, playing nonstop Chinese music.
And the frequency is changed according to time. (Irregular)

12020kHz → 15630kHz → 15625kHz → 13775kHz → 17660kHz (All ID: 3F9)

** Thanks to Japanese DXer Hirabayasi !

New DRM software is required to demodulate this broadcast.
** Reference : https://www.reddit.com/r/RTLSDR/comments/grp6m2/dream_v221_for_windows_with_xheaac_support/

It still has a fatal bug, but it can be demodulated.

Re: DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) :: CHINA xHE-AAC codec DRM - XYZ Jul 01 (Wed), 2020 12:39 UTC No.4595
Thanks  Hiroshi ! 

Today's times and frequencies:
12020kHz *0100-0200*
15630kHz *0200-0400*
15625kHz *0401-0703*
17660kHz *0704-1201*

Re: DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) :: 7550kHz INDIA - XYZ Jul 15 (Wed), 2020 13:26 UTC No.4631
7550kHz INDIA, DRM, maybe test, 4 types of display were confirmed

"GOS-III", "CHINESE", "Bibidh Bharati", "VB / TIBETAN"

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