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UNID Korean Numbers Station --- XYZ - Nov 10, 2015 11:11 UTC No.394

*1030-1040* 3277 kHz Korean
*1100-1102*(?) 3277 kHz Korean (*Appended audio file: 394.mp3)
*1330-1340* 3277 kHz Korean

TNX! Ron-san.



Re: UNID Korean station on 3277kHz - XYZ Nov 17, 2015 16:03 UTC No.419
TNX! cho-san.
This is the information from Cho-san, who is living in South Korea.

ASIA DX BBS (sorry in Japanese) : http://radio.chobi.net/bbsasia/?res:1844#2019
North Korean wording of numbers station has been received in 3261kHz and 3277kHz.


Re: UNID Korean Numbers Station on 3277kHz - XYZ Dec 02, 2015 07:33 UTC No.483
TNX! cho-san and baido-san !

Now On The Radio BBS in Japanese : http://radio.chobi.net/bbsasia/?res:1844

Wiki in Korea (Korean language): Korean Numbers Station "The Parrot" on 3277kHz
** Information that Ron-san's was posted in this Wiki it have been quoted.

"The Parrot"
Korean DXer who is so is referred to as a "The parrot" the broadcasting of 3277kHz.
Because women and parrot are talking at the end of the broadcast.

cho-san and baido-san are Korean DXer.

UNID Numbers Station on 6302kHz - XYZ Dec 02, 2015 09:54 UTC No.486

*0900-0901* 6302kHz UNID Numbers station (language Korean ?)
This broadcast(6302kHz) was similar to the broadcast of 3277kHz.

Re: UNID Korean Numbers Station on 3277kHz - XYZ Dec 03, 2015 16:03 UTC No.489
3277kHz V28 Numbers Station, called "The Parrot"
*** "V28" => ENIGMA Code : http://www.apul64.dsl.pipex.com/enigma2000/

According to the South Korean DXer 3277kHz broadcast has estimated that
broadcast from North Korea. This is because the speech is using North
Korean intonation, because North Korea specific place names appeared.

*1030-1040* 3277 kHz Korean (Female ann.)
*1100-1102*(?) 3277 kHz Korean (Female ann. and Male ann.)
*1330-1340* 3277 kHz Korean (Female ann.)

Openning ann.;
"1 2 3 1 2 3 rakdusan rakdusan rakdusan, 1 2 3 1 2 3 rakdusan rakdusan rakdusan"
*** There is no Lagdusan in Korean dictionary, so I guess Lagudusan means just
"Secret Code". (TNX! Moomin-san)

Last ann.;
"Hana dul ses, Hana dul ses. Lagdusan, Lagdusan, Lagdusan. Taeyang, Seumul hana,
Taepung, Jl gong gong, Gong gong hana, Aengmusae"
*** "1 2 3 1 2 3 rakdusan rakdusan rakdusan, teyang 02 tepung 10 0 0 0 0 1 angmuse"
*** "Aengmusae(angmuse)" = "Parrot"

TNX!!! baido-san, cho-san, Moomin-san (Korean DXer)
"Now On The Radio" ASIAN DX BBS in Japanese: http://radio.chobi.net/bbsasia/?res:1844

Re: UNID Korean Numbers Station on 3277kHz - XYZ Dec 07, 2015 13:51 UTC No.501

Dec 07, *1330-1337*
YouTube : https://youtu.be/w4xfBs77JOE

V28 "The Parrot", UNID Korean Numbers Station, New 3052/3689kHz - XYZ Dec 09, 2015 07:45 UTC No.524
TNX! cho-san.

V28 has changed the frequency.

Dec 08, 2015
*1329-1338* 3052kHz, gong-doo-san, weak signal
*1328-1340* 3689kHz, rak-doo-san, audio very bad
YouTube : https://youtu.be/04yomIQ-ZwE

QTH: Anyang, South Korea
Rx: G35DDCi excalibur ultra
Ant: 303WA-2

"Now On The Radio"
ASIAN DX BBS (Japanese): http://radio.chobi.net/bbsasia/?res:2095

Re: UNID Korean Numbers Station - XYZ Dec 09, 2015 13:37 UTC No.528

1330- 3277kHz

Re: UNID Korean Numbers Station - Moomin Dec 09, 2015 16:45 UTC No.533
Today, Stations(3047, 3277, 3690 kHz) are received in South Korea. 
V28 was divided into three frequency. * 3277 kHz and 3690 kHz's voice are same.
In addition, Three stations started at the same time.

Re: UNID Korean Numbers Station - XYZ Dec 09, 2015 16:53 UTC No.535

In the monitor in my location(Akita/Japan), signal was not visible
in the vicinity and near 3689kHz 3052kHz.
It may be the transmission output is small.

Very it will be helpful. TNX!!!

Korean Numbers Station : V28 "The Parrot" on 3277kHz - XYZ Dec 12, 2015 01:01 UTC No.551
Special TNX!! Moomin-san's website(WeBlog).

*** Google translation : Korean --> English

November 20 3277kHz structure of the Korean numbers station

1. Testing the microphone: 0 min 1 sec
Adjust the "One, two, three, two, one," repeated the phase of the signal and volume.
The syntax used in the ciphertext after a while the "ball two, ball, five, six balls,"
shouted several times to adjust.
At the end of the test the microphone, the buzzer ring of the oscillation start of the
transmission unit starts the transmission.
After the oscillation signal transmission puts a space of about two minutes. Whether
the microphone is on during blanks hear the sound of the voice or other radio chatter.

2. Digital signal transmission: 2 minutes 44 seconds
And it transmits the digital data generated by FSK modulation frequency. Usually
these digital transmission of syntax can be assumed that the communication made under
this government sponsored broadcasts is also due to take place primarily at the
national broadcasting password.
Modulation MFSK modulation is a favorite of Russian and Polish are used. Therefore,
the transmission would look at a subject that use the technology of Russia, it is
possible to speculate that North Korea is sending station. Western Europe and the US
is used as a wireless fax SSTV without these modulation.

3. Transfer the ciphertext
Down to read specialized in female voices.
Transmit the cipher text is accomplished in the following configuration.
<Country Notice -> recipient notices -> ciphertext sent "(repeated 9 times)

There passphrase has the following characteristics:
(1) attaches a number to distinguish a paragraph at the end of the password for the
The numbers from 00 to 09 after play against random password ago, reading is a "ball
X". In other words, "01 01" "03" "07" thus read. This number is distinguished from the
paragraph of the password, and displays the number of iterations, and shows the
information of each code. In this report it will be referred to as <header number>.

(2) This is a unique way to read.
Read Numbers (aka artillery numbers) used in the Republic of Korea read the numbers in
different ways, not. For example, 4 is read as "neoyi" 8 reads as "yeodeup".

(3) it occupies a very large portion of the repeat.
In previous V24 (Republic of Korea) and V15 (North Korea) <recipient notices ->
ciphertext sent> is repeated and the difference between the first round and the second
round there almost two times (depending only way to read the numbers dropped).
The 3277kHz broadcast is repeated about nine times the ciphertext, and was attached to
the header number of "0 N" N times in the loop. It announces that the war and the
arrival of another new way.

The following is a ciphertext transmission structure written in chronological order.
Each loop shape is changed will be described in detail as possible.

3.1. Country notices first: 3 minutes 43 seconds
Country Notice is the act of informing the station's name and identity. Country notices
appear a total of five times during the passwords sent them announces the start of the
first notice is the first name of a country sending password.
"One, two, three. One, two, three, Doosan Rock Rock Rock Doosan Doosan"
Precise confirmed through forensic results were confirmed as "two mountain rock." D
pronunciation was definitely sounded early, "even" or "two" It was unclear whether the
3 minutes 47 seconds, "Rock-based" was confirmed to be "both."

3.2. The first recipient Notices (00 signals): 4 minutes 7 seconds
It indicates the recipient. A similar role or the shape and the number of the previous
V24 **** is different.
I recall a lot of random recipients jekki seems to yeoreomyeong in the last 00 fitted
with a "public".
This section requires you accurate tapping. I hear Bonnie "kilohertz" I think demand is
heard saying OK Green eoteuna Monde called.
4 minutes 43 "Please respond." Carbide and the completion notice from the receiver 00
and repeat the signal.

3.3. 01 ~ 03 Signal Signal: 5 minutes 2 seconds
5 min 10 Carbide 01 signal begins.
After calling several numbers denoted by the "balls 0, 1 single" Every time at the end
of each phrase.
5 minutes, 40 Carbide 02 signal starts.
After calling several numbers whenever the end of each statement puts the "02 ball
6 min 24 03 Carbide signal is started.
After calling several numbers whenever the end of each statement puts the "03 ball

3.4. 2 Country Notice (Lee donggun 385 or 200 63 ?? 1 9): 6 minutes 28 cho
2 is the second Country Notice.
"One, two, three. One, two, three, Doosan Rock Rock Rock Doosan Doosan"
This phrase is repeated twice and chongchul a random password nondescript. Probably not
know anything, but I think to be the recipient notice.
"Sambaek palsip Oh, Lee donggun, yuksip cedar, Best, one of nine"
This phrase is repeated twice when the forward unconditional notice of the name of a

3.5. 04-05 Signal: 7 minutes 6 seconds
7 minutes 6 carbide 04 signal is started.
This country with 04 different pronunciations law is observed in the signal. 4 reads,
After calling several numbers whenever the end of each statement puts the "04 neoyi
7 minutes 43 05 Carbide signal is started.
After calling several numbers whenever the end of each statement puts the "05 Five

3.6. Third Country Notice (Lee donggun 385 or 200 63 ?? 1 9): 8 minutes 4 cho
A third Country Notice.
"One, two, three. One, two, three, Doosan Rock Rock Rock Doosan Doosan"
Repeat this phrase a second time and goes directly to the 07 signal.

3.7. 07-09 Signal: 8 minutes 37 seconds
Strangely, it is estimated that 06 signals or very short. Or you might have heard
wrong. OK desired. 08 pronunciation Korea and other laws are observed in a signal. 8
reads, "yeodeup".
8 minutes 37 07 Carbide signal is started.
After calling several numbers whenever the end of each statement puts a "zero seven seven balls".
9 min 15 08 Carbide signal is started.
After calling several numbers whenever the end of each statement puts "0 yeodeup eight
9 minutes 52 09 Carbide signal is started.
After calling several numbers whenever the end of each statement puts "0 9 ball nine".

3.8. 4 Country Notice (Lee donggun 385 or 200 63 ?? 1 9): 10 minutes and 0 seconds
The name of a country is the fourth notice.
"One, two, three. One, two, three, Doosan Rock Rock Rock Doosan Doosan"
Repeat this phrase twice and go right over to 222 signals.

3.9 222 signal (Twenty-two more than) 10 minutes 26 seconds
10 minutes 26 222 is cemented signal begins.
After calling several numbers whenever the end of each statement puts the "22 2
Twenty-two more."
Perhaps because it seemed a 01-09 signal and contains different content.

3.10. Fifth Country Notice (Lee donggun 385 or 200 63 ?? 1 9): 11 minutes and 15
5. The second Country Notice.
"One, two, three. One, two, three, Doosan Rock Rock Rock Doosan Doosan"
Jichyeotneun paper shuffling a woman announcer pauses broadcast relax harder to breathe
a sigh he choose to leave the end of the Country Notice the word "Ago Darya".
This seemed poor working conditions.
"Lee's the end of unidentified donggun 385 or 200 63 ?? It transmits two times 19 ".

4. The termination notice (the sun aboard 21 100 001 Parrot): 11 minutes 41 seconds
After all passwords broadcast ends the broadcast with "sun, Twenty One, hurricanes,
one hundred, one public, parrots".

When initially estimated to capture the voice broadcasting dwaeteuna wear, catch the
broadcast voice is getting more wear out that is not the actual transmission of voice
is that woman. Is a sound one, sometimes hitting the microphone Took the grounds that
sounds or voices of men suddenly appeared and sends the "One, two, three. One, two,
three Rock Rock Doosan Doosan Doosan rock" that phrase. In addition, women's voices to
be heard around the rest of breath, or "Gee Darya" is seen as the play-by-play voice
faintly heard outside the microphone is likely to be.

Every time the broadcast is finished, "the sun, (number), typhoon, one hundred, one
public, parrot" and has sent a regular nature to end the broadcast. Because of these
characteristics broadcasting will have been nicknamed "parrot".

The result of tapping local residents in the 3277 kHz, and did not hear. Recently,
Songdo and Anyang, baegot sounds best when tapping in or near New Town DRIFT, FSK
modulation and look at the code (lock Doosan) magazine was almost sent to default
realization of the north.

November when recording a broadcast sent out 22 days in the Chinese communications
pounding LSB, after the broadcast end, but it sounded to Morse code broadcast in
adjacent frequency interference, relevance and parrot shows is assumed sparse. In
November, the 21 days was the matter directly to the host blog parrots live on the
tried wiretapping Song, Wen heard a disturbing wave. But I also know this is
interference in the metropolitan area population in order to prevent jamming writing
Pyongyang broadcast listening, it was not the actual signal intermodulation (ghost
signal). This jammer is sent to Songdo it is being held is called grunge jamming radio
waves from the sea 3320 kHz harder than usual to parrot that transmits at 3277 kHz
broadcasting speculated on the impact.

Korea sight November 23 0:27 there, Token article's topic came up.
*** http://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/board,7.0.html
This is a possible new or previously unreported numbers station. I believe it is
Korean, but I am not sure. I have no idea if it is North or South Korea. This station
has been reported without great detail since early November.

The station cannot be received well at my location in the Mojave Desert of California,
so this recording was done on a remote SDR in Japan. Unfortunately the audio got muted
twice during the recording, so there are audio drops, but the majority of the
transmission is here.

Disclaimer: Many of the radio reception recordings on this Youtube channel pertain to
unusual, uncommon, unknown, or mystery signals that might be found on radio, both
shortwave and VHF / UHF. Among the subjects covered are numbers stations, utility
stations, military transmissions (both in the clear and encrypted / encoded), aviation,
maritime, ham radio, CB radio, radars, ionosodes, propagation beacons, ditters,
dashers, whistlers, and just about anything else that might transmit, in any mode, USB,
LSB, CW, Morse Code, FM, AM, FMCW, LFMCW, etc. Think of it as SIGINT (signals
intelligence) / COMINT (communications intelligence) / ELINT (electronic intelligence)
lite, the hobby version. All the recordings are made by me, most often at my home.
Although there are a few mysterious things to be found here, you will not find anything
paranormal, extraterrestrial, spiritual, or mystic. However, everyone can have their
own interpretations of the sounds heard, make of it what you will.

Certain points of the broadcast output weaker than the V24. Token posts could not reach
the Mojave Desert of California residents since the output is weak. So you use the SDR
receiver shapes in Japan.

3055, 3277, 3692kHz UNID Korean Numbers Station - XYZ Dec 13, 2015 13:40 UTC No.555

-1330- 3055v kHz, 3277 kHz(3276.9 kHz), 3692v kHz(3692.2 kHz)
Not pararel. Each frequency is varied.


3055kHz : https://youtu.be/SYVm2pcKvuc
3692kHz : https://youtu.be/Dr_XofvMVR8

Re: UNID Korean Numbers Station - Moomin Dec 14, 2015 18:15 UTC No.556
* This is very important information!! 

Ragdusan is means "Naktasan(鬧ア鬧晏アア)". North Koreans call Naktasan "Ragudsan"

We referred to Cheongjin person, North korean. And we could get this thing!

In the result, Ragudsan really exists in North korean!!

Re: UNID Korean Numbers Station - XYZ Dec 15, 2015 13:06 UTC No.557

Broadcast of another frequency was received at the 3156kHz had also arrived,
report from cho-san. TNX!! cho-san.
YouTube : https://youtu.be/ee58IzQLcdE

*1330-1340* , 4 frequencies.
3050v kHz (Frequency will vary)
3156 kHz
3277 kHz (Frequency has somewhat stable)
3690v kHz (Frequency will vary)

V28 Korean Numbers Station 4 Freq, : 3064, 3277, 3689, 3157kHz - XYZ Dec 15, 2015 13:35 UTC No.558

3063.6v kHz, 3277kHz, 3689kHz,

*1333- 3157v kHz

YouTube: 1338-1342* 3156.5vkHz

V28 : Korean Numbers Station - XYZ Dec 15, 2015 14:14 UTC No.559
ENIGMA Code: V28
Name: "The Parrot"
Frequency (4): 3055v, 3156v, 3277, 3692v kHz
Transmission location: Unknown

*1030-1040* irr.
*1100-1102* irr,
*1330-1340* (4 frequencies)

Secret Code:
3050vkHz : gong-doo-san
3155vkHz : cheon-gye-san
3277 kHz : rak-doo-san (Ragudsan)
3690vkHz : ?

See also:
Korean Wike (Korean): https://namu.wiki/w/%EB%82%9C%EC%88%98%EB%B0%A9%EC%86%A1
Moomin-san's Blog (Korean): http://moomin999.tistory.com/100

TNX! Ron-san, baido-san, cho-san, Moomin-san, AMANO

Re: UNID Korean Numbers Station - Ron Howard Dec 15, 2015 15:39 UTC No.562
Dec 13 - The Parrot on 3276.83v, with *1330 till 1339*, with Korean numbers; very poor.

Dec 15 - The Parrot on 3276.82v, with *1330; very weak.

Re: UNID Korean Numbers Station - Moomin Dec 17, 2015 07:25 UTC No.568
Yesterday, We received 3277, 3690, 3054, 3116 very well. so we could hear them clearly.

* 3054 kHz's secret code : Heukryongsan(鮟鷹セ榊アア).

and, I guess 3690 kHz's secret code is "Cheongyesan".

Re: UNID Korean Numbers Station - XYZ Dec 18, 2015 13:47 UTC No.573

Dec 18 2015:
-1335- 3051, 3277, 3691 kHz

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