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CHINA : Voice of Strait 4900kHz Minnan Dialect Broadcast --- XYZ - Aug 24, 2018 06:44 UTC No.3423
Minnan dialect broadcast program list

*0945-1600* 4900kHz

UTC Monday to Friday Saturday / Sunday
0900-0955 Home in Weinan 1 (replay) Opera World (Weekend Edition) (replay)
0955-1000 Strait Fishery Meteorology
1000-1055 Home in Weinan 2 (replay) Happy Minnan dialect (replay)
1055-1100 Strait Fishery Meteorology
1100-1145 Channel style (replay) Fishermen's club(network)
1145-1155 Friends of Fishermen (Simultaneous Broadcasting)
1155-1200 Strait Fishery Meteorology
1200-1255 Home in Weinan 3 (replay) Good songs sent
1255-1300 Strait Fishery Meteorology
1300-1355 Minnan (replay)
1355-1400 Strait Fishery Meteorology
1400-1455 Drama World (replay)
1455-1500 Strait Fishery Meteorology
1500-1600 Good songs to listen to
1600 ---------- End of broadcast ---------------------------
** SW 4900kHz start around -0945-
** maintenance on Wednesday 0400-1000 UTC
** Use Google Translate

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