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Re: China - Voice of Strait - "Focus on China" program with new schedule? --- Ron Howard - Aug 18, 2018 20:17 UTC No.3410
CHINA. 4940, Voice of Strait, at 0941, on Aug 18. Tuned into the Saturday 
only "Focus on China" program already in progress; in English; formerly was
heard 1500-1530 (Sat.); seemed to be an audio feed from a documentary
about calligraphy; 0951 closing announcement, followed by EZL song;
0955 into Chinese.

Not sure if today was an anomaly or an actual schedule change? In summertime
I'm unable to check 1500+, as that is too far past my local sunrise, but at 0941,
I had almost semi-readable reception. At 0951 had positive program SA for FOC.
Interesting development, but needs more Saturday monitoring!
Website, in Chinese - http://www.vos.com.cn/ .

VOS, on 4940, signs on now around 0900, while VOS on 4900 doesn't start till
later (maybe about 0945?).

Ron, listening at Ocean Beach (San Francisco), California
Et E1, antenna: 30m long wire

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