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Re: RRI Nabire reactivated 7289.92 kHz. --- Ron Howard - Aug 01, 2018 16:59 UTC No.3388
Very good news! Certainly seems to be RRI Nabire reactivated
on 7289.92 kHz. On the video, fairly clear Qur'an at 20:00+.


My last reception back in 2016:

INDONESIA. 7289.93, RRI Nabire, 0922-0957*, July 18. Unusual
reception, due to actually hearing audio here; EZL music; conforms to
Atsunori Ishida's info; Dave Valko on the east coast was also hearing
audio till sign off. Unique reception! (Ron Howard, Pacific Grove, CA,
Et E1 with Par Electronics EF-SWL antenna)

Clear SA (撤rograma Satu, Radio Republik Indonesia Nabire・ on my
2012 audio, at 0:12 - http://goo.gl/N36LHM .

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