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Re: RRI Palangkaraya, with Voice of Indonesia programs in English --- Ron Howard - Jun 13, 2018 14:52 UTC No.3299
INDONESIA. 3325, Pro 1 RRI Palangkaraya, 1307-1332, June 13. Amazed 
to find VOI English programming here; SAing as "Voice of Indonesia," with
the usual segments ("Today in History" [1316], "Indonesian Wonders" [1326],
etc.); not very readable. Needs more monitoring to determine just what the
schedule is. Of course this corresponds to the former VOI language schedule
when they were last up on 9525.95. This certainly is an interesting development!
My brief audio at http://goo.gl/WwLJSv .

Ron, listening at Asilomar State Beach (near Monterey), California
Et E1, antenna: 30m long wire

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