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Re: Voice of Freedom? --- Ron Howard - May 18, 2018 14:14 UTC No.3263
May 18:

VOF - Unable to hear them anywhere!! No carrier on 6045, as heard yesterday;
today 1200-1300, still with no Alaska (KNLS) on 6045. Checked VOF former
frequencies, but no results. 1040-1314. Are they still on SW?

May 17:

6045, usual pips jamming from N. Korea, but today Voice of Freedom
noted with no modulation at all (no audio), but sounded like their open
carrier. Checked VOF former frequencies, but no results. 1129-1250.

May 16:

6045.0, Voice of Freedom, 1500, May 16. In Korean; full SA for the various
"FM Radio" frequencies; VOF station singing jingle ("jinsil-e soli, huimang-e
soli, jayu-e soli bangsong" - "Voice of truth, Voice of hope, Voice of Freedom
broadcasting"); ending with song "aleumdaun nala" ("Beautiful Country")
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBsPN8HXK5c); audio ending 1506,
with the transmitter staying on till audio starts again in about an hour; no
N. Korean pips jamming

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