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VOF - Jeonyeog Bangsong (Evening Program) , weekday pro. --- Amano - Apr 11, 2018 17:06 UTC No.3169
KOREA SOUTH. 6045, Voice of Freedom, *0855-1506*, on April 11.
I checked the VOF Jeonyeog Bangsong (Evening Program) on Korean
time on April 11.
This program is a weekday program.

0858- Opening
*** http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/3168.mp3

0900- "Bodo gwangjang"
("News plaza")
0915- "Nalssi wa hwaje"
("Weather and topics")
0920- "Oneul-e chojeom"
("Today's focus")
0925- "Aneun geos-i him-ida"
("Knowing is power")
*** http://radio.chobi.net/bbsasia/img/4189.mp3
0945- "Ingwon balo algi"
("Know human rights correctly")
*** http://goo.gl/VArjR5
- This audio is Ron's from California, at April 15. TNX!

1000- "Haengboghan Daehanmingug"
("Happy Republic of Korea")
*** http://goo.gl/yrh7X7
- This audio is Ron's from California, at April 13. TNX!
1050- "Nae ma-eum-e deungbul"
("My heart light")
1055- "Gimsasgas Paldoyulamgi"
("Kim Sakkat Faldo Cruise")

1100- "Hanminjog tong-illo milaelo"
("Korean people, to unity, to the future")
*** http://radio.chobi.net/bbsasia/img/4192.mp3
- This audio is Ron's from California, at April 11. TNX!
1140- "Oneul-e chojeom"
("Today's focus")
1145- "Gimsasgas Paldoyulamgi"
("Kim Sakkat Faldo Cruise")
1150- "Huimang-ine jib"
("Hope-chan's house" ** Radio drama)

1200- "i bam-eul Minji-wa hamkke"
("This night with Minji")
1240- "Aneun geos-i him-ida"
("Knowing is power")

1300- "Haengboghan Daehanmingug"
("Happy Republic of Korea")
1350- "Gimsasgas Paldoyulamgi"
("Kim Sakkat Faldo Cruise")
1355- "Nae ma-eum-e deungbul"
("My heart light")

1400- "i bam-eul Minji-wa hamkke"
("This night with Minji")
1440- "Ssaesalm-eul Chaj-eun Salamdeul"
("People who found a new life")

1500- Ending

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