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Re: Asia - Pacific DX log (14) --- Ron Howard - Mar 01, 2018 05:17 UTC No.3095

ALASKA. 6110, KNLS (tx1), 1517, Feb 27. In Russian; almost
fair. Checking this due to being reported by Hiroyuki Komatsubara -
"1505 - 6110kHz KSLN [sic.] World Christian Broadcasting, Russian,
** New SKD ? or mistake ??[Feb 25]"; listed on their website at
http://www.worldchristian.org/WhoWeAre/howtolisten.php .

Interested to also hear Russian on 6105, via CRI, at the same time.

AUSTRALIA. Feb 28, at 1303 & 1330, heard nothing on 5045 (Ozy
Radio), 5055 (4KZ), nor 4835 (future Ozy Radio - also AIR Gangtok
silent today and yesterday). More thunderstorms in Queensland?

Ozy Radio, Feb 27, not on 4835, nor 5045; at 1146 and both still silent
through 1441.

BOUGAINVILLE. 3325, NBC Bougainville, 1129-1154*, Feb 26.
Usual DJ in Pidgin playing Pacific Islands songs; no special programs
about the earthquake; suddenly cut off. NBC Madang (3260) also on
the air.

Feb 28, NBC Bougainville, from 1126-1207*. DJ with pop Pacific Islands
music; 1200 news in English; 1205 "NBC Radio" relay; suddenly off.

CHINA. 6115 // 9505, Voice of Strait, 1119, Feb 27.

4900 no longer // 4940, Voice of Strait, after the switch in frequencies at
1200, on Feb 27. Recently 1200-1300 was // for 4900 & 4940, but not

6035, PBS Yunnan (Voice of Shangri-la), 1222*, Feb 28. Running past
usual 1201*; as they always do after 1201, played a musical loop of EZL
instrumental music, over and over again; better than average reception;
no sign of BBS/Bhutan.

7563.5-LSB, VC01 (Chinese Military numbers station), on Feb 27, at 1058
and again much later at 1540, with numbers in Chinese. Must just be a loop
with numbers?

INDIA. 5040, AIR Jeypore, 1231, Feb 26. News in English (Delhi audio
feed), with news of the Nagaland election results; // AIR Shillong (4970)
// AIR Thiruvananthapuram (5010).

KOREA SOUTH. 4885, Echo of Hope - VOH, 1252 & 1302, Feb 28.
Brief anomaly with them being off the air, but at 1328 check noted on
the air; rare that they are silent; always heard with fair-good reception
and never any N. Korea jamming.

5857.5, HLL2 Seoul, 1307, Feb 26. In English with weather conditions at
different observatories; providing wind direction, wind speed in meters per
second, air pressure in hectopascals and temperature in Celsius; as usual
the audio sounded muffled, but good signal strength. My audio posted at
http://goo.gl/YtG7Yr .

6015, KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1, on Feb 27, at 1210, heard with
about a half an hour with no N. Korea jamming; news in Korean;
nice "KBS News" SAs in English after each news item; sound bites
in English; good reception. My audio at http://goo.gl/VUDaxm .

MYANMAR. 5985, Myanmar Radio. The Wednesday (Feb 28) edition of
"Say It In English"; 1316-1325; Tom checks into a hotel to get a good night
sleep; "poor Tom has been trying to sleep for three hours," but loud TV being
played in the room next to his; program carried later than usual; show only on
Mon. & Wed.

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