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Re: Russia - Radio Rossii Kamchatka on 5940 kHz. --- Ron Howard - Feb 14, 2018 04:49 UTC No.3054
RUSSIA. 5940, Radio Rossii Kamchatka, assume via the Yelizovo transmitter site on
the Kamchatka peninsula; 0240-0300*, Feb 14. Very poor reception, with QRM from what
sounded like IBRA Media, Radio Sadaye Zindagi, via Al Dhabayya; OM & YL chatting
(in Russian?); 0259 music. Positive "Radio Rossii" SAs before and after 0300 time pips,
so I presume this was "Radio Rossii Kamchatka," as it fits their former schedule. The
0300* cut off happened in mid-sentence.

Have been monitoring this due to recent reports of Kamchatka testing here, made by
Hiroyuki Komatsubara (Japan) and Dave Valko (USA). Thanks also for the assistance
of Mauno Ritola (Finland).

My poor quality audio - https://app.box.com/s/n580lz1wjuupa5sqj5xmn3uj6kv7ycgy

Ron, listening at Asilomar State Beach (near Monterey), California

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