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9565kHz Korean, 9530kHz Korean, 9700kHz Korean --- XYZ - Jan 11, 2018 12:07 UTC No.2924

8169kHz No signal (TAIWAN V13 XingXing BS)
9525kHz(9526kHz) No signal
9565kHz UNID Korean, maybe South Korean station because they call North Korea as "Bukkan"

9565kHz Echo of Hope (9100kHz) ??, 9100kHz not hear, It is a very weak signal due to
the state drop in winter.
-1338- noticed No signal.. sorry

9530kHz UNID Korean
-1358* QSY ?? where ?

9100kHz SK Voice of Hope, TNX! kiwiSDR in CHINA, (not heard in my location..)
9700kHz UNID Korean, QSY from 9530kHz ?

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