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6260kH Uzbekistan ? / 5885kHz BBC etc.. --- XYZ - Feb 04, 2017 12:51 UTC No.2106

3354kHz-USB CHINA VC01 still here..
4790kHz CNR-1 jammer still here
4835kHz (tent.) All India Radio, weak signal
4900kHz CHINA Voice of Strait, *1200-
4940kHz CHINA Voice of Strait, *1200- not // 4900kHz
5979kHz CHINA Gannan PBS, still here
6050kHz MALAYSIA RTM Asyik FM, 6050.03kHz, QRM from China on 6050.00kHz

7510kHz UNID, English, Religious broadcasting
maybe KTWR-GUAM ??
9276kHz TAIWAN Xingxing BS, AM

6260kHz UNID open carrier, fair signal, Uzbekistan reactive ??
7510kHz KTWR-GUAM, Korean, *1345-

6260kHz JAPAN NHK WORLD, English, TX Uzbekistan ?
soon... changed program to Bible Voice ? (English)
maybe test TX from Uzbekistan.

5885kHz BBC, Hindi // 7600kHz, spur on 5875kHz and 5895kHz
// 11995kHz, 7600kHz,
No signal : 9510kHz and 7565kHz,
Maybe QSY from 7565kHz Uzbekistan TX..

4900/4940kHz both no signal, also 9505kHz no signal
5050kHz CHINA BBR, Chinese
5905kHz NK Echo of Unification, QRM from China
9100kHz SK Echo of Hope - VOH, Korean

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