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Re: NORTH KOREA: Echo of Unification --- XYZ - Dec 23, 2016 13:27 UTC No.1992
TNX! Chris Kadlec @WRTH-Facebook
AM, FM, and SW happenings in Seoul - it's a bit of a mess, all of it
occurring on December 21:
KOR 1080 Goyang & Hwaseong have both turned off.
DPK 1080 Haeju (Echo of Unification) has turned off.
KOR 684 Goyang & Hwaseong have turned off.
DPK 684 Pyonggang-Cheorwon (E. of Unification) has turned off.
DPK 6250KHz, 5905KHz, 3970KHz now running Echo of Unification
DPK 89.4 has turned on with E. of Unification [likely] in Kaesong (suburban
Seoul area)
DPK 97.0 has turned on with E. of Unification, unknown location likely
along the east coast
DPK 97.8 is still listed active with E. of Unification but has been off since
2015, transmitter in Haeju //1080 south of downtown.

All Echo of Unification frequencies confirmed via the station's announcement
on their website and observations in Seoul and Incheon Friday afternoon. Echo
of Unification runs from 7-9, 1-3, and 9-11pm PST (UTC+9:30) across all network

TNX! Moomin-san@
+Addition Explanation

South Korea FM Jammers which are located in Namsan started to prevent
Pyongyang FM and VOU frequencies from receiving in South Korea.
FM Jammers testing now in South Korea : 89.4 MHz, 92.8 MHz, 93.6 MHz,
97.0 MHz, 97.8 MHz, 103.7 MHz

I think testing FM Jammers except 89.4, 97.0, 97.8 MHz are aimed at
Pyongyang FM or other propaganda broadcasts.

(I couldn't check 92.8 93.6 103.7 because of jammer yet, but I think
103.7 is still same as 92.5 (Pyongyang FM).

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