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Re: Asia - Pacific DX log (8) --- Ron Howard - Nov 08, 2016 00:58 UTC No.1885
MYANMAR. 5915, Myanmar Radio, at 1317, on Nov 7 found a 
rare occasion with Myanmar actually stronger than the normally
stronger CRI (Russian). Must be due to propagation.

5985, Myanmar Radio, on Nov 7 with a series of false starts (briefly
on and then off the air), *1123-1124*, *1126-1127*, *1128-1129* and
finally back on to stay at *1129; usual singing SA/ID jingle with three
frequencies at 1130 (Myanmar local ToH); all in vernacular till 1215
"English for Business," "Lesson 19, Negotiating" (full transcript at
http://goo.gl/HSoH47), with the start of their 20 minute Monday
edition of Radio Australia's language lesson in English and Burmese,
with a business dialog in English. This program will be repeated
again this Wednesday (Nov 9), but at a slightly later time, between

7200 [non-log], Myanmar Radio, recently have found them not here
after 1300, per their past observed schedule; at 1300 the PRC jamming
of Taiwan (RTI) ends. Change in the Myanmar schedule? Noted so
today (Nov 7). BTW - before 1300 today, heard Firedragon (music
jamming) here, as well as the usual CNR1 jamming.

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