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CHINA : Sichuan --- XYZ - Sep 22, 2016 10:30 UTC No.1686
CHINA - Sichuan

Memo: Sorry, Not yet confirmed...

Sichuan PBS - Ethnic Broadcasting
Frequency: 6060kHz, 7225kHz

Live stream:

Program schedule and Language:
21:55 start
22:00 Music
22:15 Ethnic Regional News
22:30 CCTV broadcast news and newspapers Summary
23:00 Yi Language News (webcasting)
23:15 Yijia thematic (webcasting)
23:30 pastoral language news highlights (webcasting)
24:00 Kamba language news highlights (webcasting)
00:30 Kham language thematic (webcasting)
01:00 Sichuan News
01:30 Jinqiao thirty (webcasting)
02:00 (news frequency) Tianfu Voice broadcast punctuality
02:10 (news frequency) Sun Chief (Monday to Friday)
02:10 (news frequency) Happy Sport (Saturday and Sunday)
03:00 Snowy Golden (Monday to Sunday)
03:30 Yijia rhyme (Monday to Sunday)
04:00 Jinqiao thirty (webcasting)
04:30 Yi Language News (webcasting)
04:45 Special Yi Language (webcasting)
05:00 Kamba language news (webcasting)
05:30 Kamba language news highlights (webcasting)
06:00 Kham language thematic (webcasting)
06:30 pastoral language news (webcasting)
07:00 pastoral language news highlights (webcasting)
07:30 Language pastoral themes (webcasting)
08:00 Tibetan Integrated Arts
09:00 Yi Language Integrated Arts
10:00 Sichuan News Network
10:30 Ethnic Regional News (webcasting) (premiere)
10:45 Yi Language News (webcasting)
11:00 Kamba language news (webcasting)
11:30 pastoral language news (webcasting)
12:00 Language pastoral themes (webcasting)
12:30 "Yi family cottage" Comprehensive program area
14:00 Tibetan Literature (taped)
15:00 Yi Language Arts
--------- (SW off air) -------------------------------
16:00 Tibetan Art
17:00 end of the day broadcast (webcast)
Music, promos (webcast)

Japanese BBS Thread: http://radio.chobi.net/bbs/?res:5096
SA(ID) : http://radio.chobi.net/bbs/img/5097.mp3

Chinese(Mandarin) --> Tibetan --> Yi --> English
English: "Nationality Channel. Sichuan the People's Radio Station.
SW 6060, 7225, FM 88.1"
Chinese: "Sichuan renmin guang bo diantai, minzu guang bo.
Duanbo liu ling liu ling, qi'er'erwu, tiaopin bashiba dian yi"
Tibetan: ???
Yi : ???
** Special Thanks:
S.Hasegawa, K. Inoue, M. Fukunaga, S. Obara and Ron Howard.

Re: CHINA : Sichuan - XYZ Sep 22, 2016 10:57 UTC No.1687

6060kHz, 7225kHz sounded like Tibetan language ...

6060kHz sounded like Tibetan language ..,
"Yi" language I do not know... sorry

6060kHz not a Tibetan not a Chinese... this is "Yi" language ??

Re: CHINA : Sichuan PBS 7225kHz - XYZ Jan 11, 2019 10:02 UTC No.3654

7225kHz Sichuan PBS - Nationality program

"Jinqiao zhi sheng"
mean : "Voice of Jinqiao" ? or "Voice of Gorlden Bridge" ??

Re: CHINA : Sichuan PBS 7225kHz - Ron Howard Jan 11, 2019 23:05 UTC No.3655
>> Memo:
>> 7225kHz Sichuan PBS - Nationality program
>> "Jinqiao zhi sheng"
>? mean : "Voice of Jinqiao" ? or "Voice of Golden Bridge" ??

Greetings from California!

Many years ago, Sichuan PBS-2 gave a nice SA in English, as
"This is the Voice of Golden Bridge." My audio recorded in 2008
of the top-of-the-hour format, ending with English SA -
https://app.box.com/s/6qrplyzfo83n3ltzl8jinrnl4hyan823 .


- - - - DX Listening Digest 7-116:

** CHINA. 6060, Sichuan PBS-2 via Chengdu, 1056-1135, Sept 24 [2007],
Chinese programming, traditional Chinese music, pop songs, ToH 5+1
pips, into their distinctive canned program ID[SA], which consists of a musical
fanfare, followed by OM & YL with ID[SA] in Chinese (giving frequencies
for both 954 kHz. AM and 5900 kHz. short-wave [old ID{SA} and is out of
date]) and ending with ID[SA] in English: "This is the Voice of Golden
Bridge", known as their "Life, Travel and City Service" program. This
ID[SA] is the only English heard. Fair reception, // 7225 (weak). No sign
of R. Nac. de Venezuela via Cuba, which usually dominates after their
sign-on at about 1100 (schedule change?). Good to hear Sichuan free
from QRM. (Ron Howard, CA, Et E5, dxldyg via DX LISTENING

Re: CHINA : Sichuan - XYZ Jan 12, 2019 03:44 UTC No.3656

FB audio ! clear SA !!

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