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Re: Taiwan: Fu Hsing Broadcasting Station 9410kHz [XYZ]

-0850- 9410kHz
** off the air : 9774, 15375kHz

Audio (Live Stream -0900-):

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(22) [Mauno]
Does anyone recognise the language/country or even the station in this recording?

4885 kHz, Echo of Hope, Jamming ?? [XYZ]
-1230- 4885kHz Echo of Hope - VOH,
The sound of Jamming hear in the back of the broadcast ??

Re: AFGHANISTAN : Radio Afghanistan 6100kHz [XYZ]
TNX! remote radio in India (TNX! Delhi_perseus)
6100kHz // with stream of http://www.rta.org.af/
Very strong signal in India.

Audio via Live Stream of "Radio Kabul" (same as SW)
SA in English.
Frequency: SW6100kHz and FM90.3MHz


Re: CHINA : CNR China National Radio [XYZ]
Hi Wei Wei and Mauno,

.. please refer. It is an SA until recently.
Vietnamese and English SA : http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/3191.mp3

Re: CHINA : Chinese traditional music (DRM) on 6030kHz [KBYS]
And audio clip
Re: CHINA : CNR China National Radio [KBYS]
According to Chinese authorities, Chinese National Anthem should be aired in all main channels and frequencies at BJT 0700 (UTC 2300).

Here's the audio clip of CNR-1 (UTC 2019-05-03 23:00):

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(20), (March/01/2019 ~) : [Mauno]
Closing announcement, but very poor quality here in Finland:
Re: UNID 15515kHz SA audio [XYZ]
SA at -1059-, via EU PERSEUS server (TNX!)

Sorry, It is too early to hear ... Orz

Sounded like as "... Radio Kuwait Filipino service ..." ???
Maybe QSY from 17760kHz ??

See also :
KUWAIT MOI Radio Kuwait in Farsi (unscheduled) & Filipino, April 19:
0950-1000 on 17760 KBD 250 kW / 084 deg to SEAs Farsi, unscheduled and
1000-1200 on 17760 KBD 250 kW / 084 deg to SEAs Filipino as scheduled.

TNX Ivo : http://swldxbulgaria.blogspot.com/2019/04/moi-radio-kuwait-in-farsi-unscheduled.html

UNID 11900kHz,etc.. [XYZ]

11900kHz UNID, in Chinese, Religious broadcasting station ?, strong signal

-2230*, who ?? , audio : https://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/3949.mp3

5905kHz NORTH KOREA, Echo of Unification
5920kHz SOUTH KOREA, Voice of Freedom, + Pips jammer
6035kHz CHINA, (tent.)Yunnan, weak signal

Re: Mongolian Radio on 4830kHz [XYZ]
-0935- 4830kHz Radio 1 program //- http://mnb.mn/player/radio1
-1005- 4830kHz Radio 1 program //- http://mnb.mn/player/radio1

Live stream;
Radio 1 : http://mnb.mn/player/radio1
Radio 2 : http://mnb.mn/player/radio2

Program guide of the second program are missing ??

1059 Pips, SA
1100- [Live Stream] Radio 1 // Radio 2 // 4830kHz
1200- [Live Stream] Radio 1 // Radio 2 // 4830kHz
1259 Pips, SA
1300- [Live Stream] Radio 1 // Radio 2 // 4830kHz
1400- [Live Stream] Radio 1 // Radio 2 // 4830kHz

-1459* s/off with National Anthem

Re: Mongolian Radio : 7260kHz [XYZ]
Morning broadcast..

-0100- 7260kHz MNB Radio 2 (Golden Radio), // http://www.mnb.mn/live/radio2

**Attachment MP3 file : 7260kHz at -0100-

Re: NORTH KOREA: Echo of Unification 5905kHz NEW FREQUENCY ! [XYZ]
*1230- 5905kHz Korean, heavy QRM from CHINA CRI, //6250kHz
3970vkHz Not found

Openning musuc,
SA sounded like: "Yeoleobun annyeonghasimnika. Tong-il ui meali bangsong imnida."

5905kHz NK strong signal than CHINA, No jammer
6250kHz I can not catch it at all because of heavy jammer.

3968vkHz, -1345* ?, bad modulation

Re: TIBET(NORWAY): Voice of Tibet  [XYZ]

Voice of Tibet
1200-1230 Chinese
1230-1430 Tibetan
1300-1400 Chinese, delete
1400-1428 Tibetan via Madagascar
0200-0230 Tibetan

-1320- 11507kHz maybe VOT, maybe Tibetan, -1329*
*1330-(?) 11577kHz, Theme music (Bridge music), Maybe Tibetan,
-2308- 11577kHz no sigmal

-1414- 15570kHz Tibetan

Theme music (Bridge music);

Re: SOUTH KOREA : KBS Hanminjok Bangsong [Amano]

KOREA SOUTH. 972, KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1, on Mar 20, 1800-1900.
『강수지의 팝스 프리덤』, "Kang Susie-e Pops Freedom".

-1801- 「안녕하세요. 팝스 프리덤, 강수지입니다.」
Korean reading, "Annyeonghaseyo. Pops Freedom, Kang Susie-ibnida."
The first song is https://youtu.be/3wZ_b_uUAdQ
-1803- "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life, Stevie Wonder의 노래로 KBS한민족방송, Pops Freedom를 보내합니다.」
My audio (01:31 edit) at http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/3880.mp3

The DJ has been changed from Kwak Young Il to Kang Susie.
I think that it was changed last year, but I don't know what time it has changed.
It used to be broadcast twice, now it is only 0300-0400 KST/JST, 1800-1900 UTC.

Kang Susie is a Korean idol singer in the 1990s.
It was also active in Japan.
She sings a very good ballad.

Saitama, Japan

Re: CHINA : Voice of Strait - SA in Minnan language [XYZ]
SA in Minnan language at 1200 UTC,
.. recording via Live stream : http://www.zuiaishiting.com/radio/fj/28.html

MP3 file:

Minnan : "....... Haikiap chi sia kongpo tiantai Banlam gu kongpo ......."

mean : "... Voice of Strait broadcasting station, Minnan dialect broadcasting ..."

Re: Taiwan: Sound of Hope (SOH) [Amano]
Nov 21, on 13820, at 2300UTC, with strong signal of Sound of Hope, and it's no jamming!
Service announcement of SOH by a male and a female in Chinese, "Xiwang zhi sheng guoji guangbo diantai"
Then, the SOH was broadcast the following program.

Following audio - Nov 21, 2259'54"-2302'24"(02m30s) on 13820kHz
(Amano, Saitama, Japan, ICF-SW7600GR(Sync on LSB) & AN-12)

Re: Taiwan: Sound of Hope (SOH) [Amano]
TAIWAN. 11530, Sound of Hope, 0156-0203, Feb 19.
It is very clear and it is No jamming.

My audio (0159'23"-0200'25") at
00:00-00:10 SOH's SJ
In Chinese,
"Xiwang shike zai nin shenbian!
Huanying shou ting,
Xiwang zhi sheng guoji guangbo diantai"
In English,
"Hope is always on your side!"
Welcome to listen,
Sound of Hope International Radio"

00:12-00:34 SOH'SJ
Male and female say
"Xiwang zhi sheng guoji guangbo diantai"

00:35-01:02 "Sound of Hope, Today's News" started @ 0200 UTC
The program name in Chinese is
"Xiwang zhi sheng, Jintian Xinwen "

Amano, listening at my home in Saitama, Japan.

Re: Taiwan: Sound of Hope (SOH) [Amano]
TAIWAN. 11530, Sound of Hope, 0300-0302, Feb 12.
It's very clear and no jamming!

My audio (0300'27"-0301'57") at http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/3756.mp3

00:00-00:18 SOH's SJ in Chinese,
In English, "This is Sound of Hope. International radio station for Chinese people all over the world."

00:18-00:41 SOH's SJ male and female say "希望之聲國際廣播電台,希望之声国际广播电台"

00:41-01:30 "Sound of Hope, Newshour"
The program name in Chinese is
正體字:"希望之聲 整點新聞"
简体字:"希望之声 整点新闻"

It is the same as audio with SOH website below.

Amano, listening at my home in Saitama, Japan.

Re: Taiwan: Sound of Hope (SOH) [Amano]
Hello! Hiroyuki.
Thank you for the reception report of SOH on 16790 kHz.
-0750- I also confirmed SOH on 16790 kHz. (// 11530 kHz)

TAIWAN. 11530, Sound of Hope, 0800-0803, Feb 14.
It's very clear and no jamming!
There was interference of a little bit Voice of Welt (presumed).

My audio (0800'02"-0802'32") at http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/3769.mp3

00:00-00:08 SOH's SJ in Chinese,
正體字:"希望時刻在您身邊。歡迎収聽 希望之聲國際廣播電台。"
简体字:"希望时刻在您身边。欢迎收听 希望之声国际广播电台。"
Chinese reading,
"Xiwang shike zai nin shenbian.
Huanying shou ting
Xiwang zhi sheng guoji guangbo diantai."

In English,
"I hope to be at your side.
Welcome to
SOH International Radio."

00:08-00:37 Interval music

00:37-00:59 SOH's SJ male and female say "希望之聲國際廣播電台 希望之声国际广播电台"

00:59-02:30 "Newshour"
The program name in Chinese is
Chinese reading, "Zheng dian xinwen"

It is the same as audio with SOH website below.

Amano, listening at my home in Saitama, Japan.

Voice of Beibu Bay Radio 5050/9820kHz : Night program was changed almost to the Vietnamese program ?? [XYZ]
Sep/02/2016 - 5050/9820kHz

0800-0900 Chinese (Live Stream), ** not broadcasting in shortwave
0900-1000 Chinese (Live Stream),

*0947- 5050/9820kHz
1000-1100 Chinese
1100-1200 Vietnamese
1200-1300 Vietnamese
1300-1400 Vietnamese
1400-1500 Vietnamese "BBR Evening News"
1500-1600 Chinese
1600- s/off
** 0800-0900 Not broadcasting in shortwave, it was confirmed by live stream
** Program schedule and Live stream : http://goo.gl/1vAECQ

SA: Chinese, English and Vietnamese only ??
-1200- : http://radio.chobi.net/bbs/img/7435.mp3
-1000- : same as above
-1400- : same as above
-1500- : same as above
-1600- : same as above
-1300- : Pips Times ann. http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/1562.mp3
English, Khmer, ??, Thai, ???

Re: UNID 11770kHz [XYZ]
UNID 11770kHz arabic???

-1601* s/off with the sound of African-ish instruments...
1603 c/off

5918 vkHz Radio Rossii, RUSSIA [XYZ]
-1059- SA in Russian, "Radio Rossii"
** Frequency is varied.

??? Previously, but station that had been shed Metro FM
there were in this neighborhood or would it?

Re: UNID 15600kHz *1500- [XYZ]

SA at 1459 "This is Bible Voice Broadcasting"

UNID 9640kHz [XYZ]

TNX! remote radio (PERSEUS server) in EU
*1126- 9640kHz Languages resembling Persian ??

Thanks to MAUNO ! : https://goo.gl/U7ZwCU
This seems to be Armenian broadcast.

11600kHz UNID [XYZ]
Thanks to MAUNO @WRTH-FB for this infomation : https://goo.gl/Fe8wd3

11600kHz UNID, "Oromiya" words are heard a lot.
Acc. to IBB : 1500-1600 CME VARI 11600 TXA

MP3 file via remote PERSEUS server in Doha/Qatar (Thanks !)
around -1540- : http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/2865.mp3

UNID Korean maybe South Korean station, 9565kHz --> 9530kHz --> 9700kHz [XYZ]
Who ? Test TX ??

See also : http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:2924

UNID Korean Station:

-1200- 9565kHz
-1340- 9530kHz, -1358*
-1400- 9700kHz,

1200-1300 9565 kHz
1300-1400 9530 kHz
1400-1500 9700 kHz
1500-1600 Where ? or s/off ??

It was a different program from 7530kHz (Not //7530kHz), but it may have been
sending another program of National Unity Radio..
MP3 audio sounded like as "Gunmin tongil Bangsong"..
Test TX ?

Re: B18 : Broadcasting to North Korea [Not Government Broadcast] [XYZ]
National Unification Broadcasting

6155kHz : *1800-1900/
YouTube (1854-1900*) : https://youtu.be/y1U41PMRiIA

-1859- frequency ann. :

Re: CHINA : Gannan PBS [XYZ]
Oct 16, 2016, Sunday Program
22:55 start the song notice program
23:00 broadcast Gansu People's Broadcasting Station "Gansu News"
00:00 Gannan News
00:20 News Overview
00:30 Weather forecast
00:35 Walk with you ***
-01:00 s/off

03:55 notice of the program
04:00 broadcast Gansu People's Broadcasting Station "midday broadcast"
04:20 Gannan News
04:40 News Overview
04:50 Weather forecast
04:55 novel network
05:20 The sound of Shambhala
05:35 Walk with you ***
-06:00 s/off

10:25 notice of the program
10:30 broadcast Gansu People's Broadcasting Station "province news network"
11:00 broadcast Gansu People's Broadcasting Station "News"
11:10 Gansu People's Broadcasting Station "960 large stage"
12:00 Gannan News
12:20 News Overview
12:30 Weather forecast
12:35 storytelling
13:00 with you ***
-14:00 s/off (1345 ~1400)

*1022- music
1025- SA in Chinese : Att. MP3 File
"Gunnan Renmin Guangbo Diantai, zonghe guangbo"
mean: "Gannan People's Broadcasting Station, General Radio"

-1348* s/off

Re: PAKISTAN : Voice of Jammu and Kashmir Freedom Movement [XYZ]

Internet Stream:
around 0937-0942 English program (News ??)
** This stream can be played such as "WINAMP".

I did not hear the announcement of the schedule of such frequency in this
Internet stream. Broadcasting in possibly Once shortwave might are using to
create a unique program that has been edited. Broadcast between 1310-1440
was not a parallel with the Internet stream.
We will continue the investigation.

program name: "Kashmir Panorama" ?

Re: CHINA : Guizhou PBS 7275kHz [XYZ]
-0300- 7275kHz very weak signal both Guizhou and Xingjiang.
Their frequency is shifted by about 25 Hz.

The attached audio was recorded via their On-Demand :

Today's log:
-0610* 7275kHz c/off, They finished in the middle of the program..

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log(17) [XYZ]

6960kHz UNID Pips jaming(NK ?), QRM OTHR
7290kHz INDONESIA RRI-Nabire, 7289.92kHz

11665kHz MALAYSIA RTM Wai FM, // https://myklik.rtm.gov.my/radio/Wai_FM?r=regional

3260kHz PNG NBC-Madang, // 3325kHz, TNK kiwiSDR in AUSTRALIA
see also (TNX Ron-san !) : http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:467
+0837-0900 English, 3260kHz//3325kHz maybe Center NBC relay
0900- English, 3260kHz//3325kHz maybe News of Center NBC relay
audio(+0859-0901+) : http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/3449.mp3

-1000- heavy QRN of thunder(static electricity)
3265kHz UNID, very weak, Substitution of 5130 kHz ?

7495kHz : Voice of Spring, Iran Prisoner's Radio [XYZ]
Voice of Spring, Iran Prisoner's Radio

*1729- opening music
1730 SA by female, sounded like "Ye Sedaye Bahar, Radio ..... Irana"

Re: UNID HOA Station 7147kHz [XYZ]
MP3file: Special TNX! remote Perseus server in Qatar(TNX! koko).

UTC: 1600-
Theme Music of EBC-Ethiopia News ??

Re: Africa - Radio Oromia on 6030 kHz. [Amano]
ETHIOPIA. 6030, Radio Oromia, 1949-2000*, on Apl 1.
"Nanahi" by Saliha Sami's song at 1949.
After that R.Oromia's SJ?
Finally, National Anthem of Oromia at the end.

My audio (03:58) at http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/3159.mp3
00:00-02:00 1950'40"-1952'40"
01:58-03:58 1958'40"-2000'40"
00:00-01:11 Nanahi - Saliha Sami
00:11-00:48 R.oromia's SJ?
02:00-02:07 Ending announcement.
02:07-03:58 National Anthem of Oromia

<Saitama, Japan RX:ICF-SW7600GR(sync on USB) ANT:AN-12>

Re: INDONESIA: Radio Republik Indonesia [XYZ]

3345kHz(3344.86kHz) RRI-Ternate ??
Sorry, It is not yet able to confirm maybe somewhere of station weak signal.

-1000(around) s/off ??

+1136- 3345kHz, It seems to on the air again.
-1315- 3345kHz //- Live stream of RRI-Ternate.
-1500* Palau Ambon(Love ambon)

RRI-Ternate, since May 31, 2015.

"Pro 1(satu) R-R-I Ternate." etc..

[Live stream] -1219- change to Local program from Jakarta News Relay program.

3325kHz NBC Papua New Guinea [XYZ]
-1844- SA by male.
Test TX ??
(TNX! remote radio in Australia.)

Re: 7200kHz MRTV Radio relay, etc.. [Amano]
Hello! Hiroyuki and Ron-san.

Thank you for the information! Hiroyuki.
Nice catch from California! Ron-san.
I received it today.

MYANMAR. 7200, Myanmar Radio, 1459-1501*, on June 11.
I was able to receive very clear Burmese in Japan as well.
During the female talk, the signal turned off at 1501'22".

My audio (01:45), 1459'40"-1501'25"
Amano, listening at my home, Saitama, Japan
Receiver: ICF-SW7600GR (Sync on LSB), antenna: AN-12

Re: SOUTH KOREA : Voice of Freedom (2) [Amano]
KOREA SOUTH. 5920, Voice of Freedom, *1551-2006*, on Feb 11.
I checked the VOF night program on Korean time on Feb 11.

1552- Opening
1600- "Bodo gwangjang"
("News plaza")
1615- "Nalssi wa hwaje"
("Weather and topics")
*** Program start, one minute audio at http://radio.chobi.net/bbsasia/img/4147.mp3
1620- "Hanminjog tong-illo milaelo"
("Korean people, to unity, to the future")
1700- "Ssaesalm-eul Chaj-eun Salamdeul"
("People who found a new life")
1720- "i bam-eul Minji-wa hamkke"
("This night with Minji")
1800- "Oneul-e chojeom"
("Today's focus")
1805- "Gimsasgas Paldoyulamgi"
("Kim Sakkat Faldo Cruise")
1810- "Hanminjog tong-illo milaelo"
("Korean people, to unity, to the future")
1850- "Huimang-ine jib"
("Hope-chan's house")
*** Program start, one minute audio at http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/3051.mp3
1900- "Haengboghan Daehanmingug"
("Happy Republic of Korea")
1950- "Nae ma-eum-e deungbul"
("My heart light")
1955- "Gimsasgas Paldoyulamgi"
("Kim Sakkat Faldo Cruise")
2000- Ending

According to Hiroyuki's information,
he confirms that VOF is QSYed to 6045 kHz at 1105 on Feb 13.
Reference - http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:3050

Hiroyuki, QSY information Thank you very much.

Re: SOUTH KOREA : Voice of Freedom (2) [Amano]
KOREA SOUTH. 6045, Voice of Freedom, *1551-2006*, on Feb 23.
I checked the VOF night program on Korean time on Feb 23.
This program is a weekend program.

1551- Opening
1600- "Bodo gwangjang"
("News plaza")
1610- "Pyeongchang Dong-gye Ollimpig gyeong-gi-e chojeom"
("Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games Focus")
1615- "Nalssi wa hwaje"
("Weather and topics")
1620- "Hanminjog tong-illo milaelo"
("Korean people, to unity, to the future")
1700- "Huimang-ine jib"
("Hope-chan's house")
1710- "Namnam Bugnyeo"
("South man, North woman")
*** Program start, one minute audio at http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/3082.mp3
1720- "i bam-eul Minji-wa hamkke"
("This night with Minji")
*** Program start, one minute audio at http://radio.chobi.net/bbsasia/img/4161.mp3
1800- "Gimsasgas Paldoyulamgi"
("Kim Sakkat Faldo Cruise")
1805- "Hanminjog tong-illo milaelo"
("Korean people, to unity, to the future")
1845- "Ingwon balo algi"
("Knowing Human Rights")
1900- "Haengboghan Daehanmingug"
("Happy Republic of Korea")
1950- "Oneul-e chojeom"
("Today's focus")
1955- "Gimsasgas Paldoyulamgi"
("Kim Sakkat Faldo Cruise")
2000- Ending

VOF - Yagan Bangsong (Nighttime Program) , weekday pro. [Amano]
KOREA SOUTH. 5917v, Voice of Freedom, *1551-2006*, on April 1.
I checked the VOF Yagan Bangsong (Nighttime Program) on Korean
time on April 1.
This program is a weekday program.

There is no Jamming from the North Korea and a nighttime
program can receive well.
However, I did a fadeout to pass and didn't hear any more
at 1930.
It's unconfirmed, but when there is no change in program
composition, it's as follows after 1950 of the following

1551- Opening

1600- "Jugan jonghab bodo gwangjang"
("Weekly general news plaza")
1615- "Nalssi wa hwaje"
("Weather and topics")

1620- "Hanminjog tong-illo milaelo"
("Korean people, to unity, to the future")

1700- "Ssaesalm-eul Chaj-eun Salamdeul"
("People who found a new life")
*** http://radio.chobi.net/bbsasia/img/4185.mp3

1720- "i bam-eul Minji-wa hamkke"
("This night with Minji")

1800- "Oneul-e chojeom"
("Today's focus")

1805- "Gimsasgas Paldoyulamgi"
("Kim Sakkat Faldo Cruise")

1810- "Hanminjog tong-illo milaelo"
("Korean people, to unity, to the future")

1850- "Huimang-ine jib"
("Hope-chan's house")

1900- "Haengboghan Daehanmingug"
("Happy Republic of Korea")

1950- "Nae ma-eum-e deungbul"
("My heart light")
*** http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/3158.mp3

1955- "Gimsasgas Paldoyulamgi"
("Kim Sakkat Faldo Cruise")

2000- Ending


Re: SOUTH KOREA : Voice of Freedom (2) [Ron Howard]
Thank you so very much Amano-san for the most helpful VOF information!
On April 11, at 1100 UTC, I was also listening to 6045.0 kHz. and heard
the clear SA of "Hanminjog tong-illo milaelo" ("Korean people, to unity, to
the future"・. This frequency has no drifting as did 5917.4v, so must be a
different VOF transmitter.


Re: SOUTH KOREA : Voice of Freedom (2) [Amano]
Hello! Ron-san.

Thank you very much for the very clear audio from California!
This audio is VOF program "Hanminjog tong-illo milaelo" exactly.

Most of the recent VOF programs start with the following greetings.
It is part of 00:14-00:19 of Ron-san's audio.

*** Korean reading, Starting greetings.
"Bughan dongpo, geuligo inmingun yeoleobun. Annyeonghasibnikka?"

*** In English, Starting greetings.
"North Korean compatriots, and the People's Army. How are you?"

The following Youtube is Japanese TV news.
You can see that "Hanminjog tong-illo milaelo" is being broadcast from the loudspeaker.
It is the part of 01:01-01:07 on Youtube below.

I also recorded the same sound at the same time as Ron-san.
I upload a bit longer audio here.
My audio at http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/3171.mp3

My audio 00:30-01:38 // Ron-san's audio
After 01:38, it is "Park Myung-Ho ga nolaehabnida. Hamkke haebwayo".

Saitama, Japan

7200kHz Myanmar National Radio -1500* [XYZ]
Myanmar National Radio (1)
7200kHz -1500*

Recording Live stream :

Live Stream broadcast has continued to broadcast a minority language program.
Radio 7200kHz was the end 15:00UTC. Announcement by the Burmese was heard.

Re: Voice of Freedom on 5919.65 kHz. [Amano]
Hello! Ron-san and Hiroyuki.

Thank you for frequency change information of VOF.
I heard the following Ron-san's audio.

> http://goo.gl/axpjcH
This is the beginning part of nighttime broadcasting in Korea time.
The last part of the Korean National Anthem, the start announcement,
the FM frequency announcement, the broadcast schedule,
and VOF SJ are clearly recorded.
The SW frequency is not announced.

** VOF FM frequency
101.7 (peak-il chong chil)
103.1 (peak-sam chong il)
107.3 (peak-chil chong sam) MHz

** VOF broadcast schedule
Yagan Bangsong 0100-0500KST (1600-2000UTC)
Ojeon Bangsong 0600-1100KST (2100-0200UTC)
Ohu Bangsong 1200-1700KST (0300-0800UTC)
Jeonyeog bangsong 1800-0000KST (0900-1500UTC)

Yagan = Nighttime
Ojeon = Morning
Ohu = Afternoon
Jeonyeog = Evening

After 1600 pips, the program "Bodo gwangjang" ("News plaza") starts.

After frequency change, I also received the VOF.

-------- Amano's log:

KOREA SOUTH. 5920, Voice of Freedom, 1900-2006*, on March 6.
The frequency is shifted slightly downward.
I don't know if it changed to different transmitter.
North Korean pip jamming was heard until 1900, but then I could
not hear it.
1939-, 1988 Seoul Olympic theme song "Hand In Hand" played in
"Haengboghan Daehanmingug" program.
Including the program ending,
my 02:30 audio at http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/3108.mp3
* 00:00-01:35 1938'55"-1940'30"
* 01:30-02:30 1946'37"-1947'07"

Amano, listening at my home in Saitama, Japan.

Re: Voice of Freedom on 6045.0 kHz. [Amano]
Hello! Ron-san.
Thank you VOF's QSY information.

KOREA SOUTH. 6045, VOF Jeonyeog (Evening) Bangsong, *0858-1506*,
April 11. 6045 kHz is not a Pip jamming from North Korea.
The VOF evening broadcast beginning was heard in No jamming.
My audio (2 min : 0858'18"-0900'18") at

I checked the VOF Jeonyeog Bangsong (Evening Program) on Korean
time on Apl 11.
My report at http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:3169
*1200-1300* KNLS from Alaska, English pro. QRM at the same wave.
*1243-1358* North Korean pip jamming QRM at Shiokaze on 6040 kHz.
Thank you for follow-up, Ron-san!

9410kHz(ex: 9900kHz) 1000-1200 BBC-WS, etc.. [XYZ]

7260kHz MONGOLIA(tent.), weak signal
7275kHz CHINA Guizou PBS, *0136-

3260kHz PNG NBC-Madang
3325kHz PNG NBC-Bougainville
6030kHz CHINA CNR-12
6045kHz S-KOREA Voice of Freedom, pips jammer
7260kHz MONGOLIA P3, (4830/4895kHz no signal), "Top of the World"
-1026- IS(music)
*1030- SA in Khmer:: http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/3224.mp3
Their schedule is not stable ?

9410kHz BBC WS, // 6195kHz
BBC SNG ?, IBB : SMTWTFS 1000-1200 BBC WSE 9410 SNG
(maybe) QSY frm 9900kHz, (9900kHz: now noise jammer only)

11730kHz UNID, etc.. [XYZ]

I was surprised at the powerful sound. It has reached strongly to California !

3260kHz PNG NBC-Madang
3325kHz INDONESIA RRI-Palangkaraya
5975kHz THAILAND, japanese px.
5920kHz SOUTH KOREA Voice of Freedom, + Pips jammer
7200kHz MYANMAR, minority language TKYL with "Let It Be"

6035kHz CHINA Yunnan PBS, Chinese

8169kHz TAIWAN V13 - Xing Xing BS, AM
9565kHz SOUTH KOREA, National Unity Bc(tent.), Not // 7530kHz, *1200-

5940kHz ETHIOPIA ?, -1359*
11730kHz UNID, TNX! PERSEUS server in Doha/Qatar(Thanks koko !)
audio around 14:10 UTC : http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/2941.mp3
language ?? sounded like as "R-V-A"
Maybe QSY from 11880kHz (1400-1427 Bengali/Bangla) ?

5940kHz Radio Rossii, 5965kHz BBC, 5980kHz UNID, etc.. [XYZ]

5940kHz UNID in Russian, strong signal
-2156- SA "Radio Rossii" in Russian
Special ??, -2202*
YouTube : https://youtu.be/5eNBsBg41SI

5965kHz UNID in English, News about "Libya", strong signal
-2219- "BBC"
Oman ? QSY from 5960kHz ??

5980kHz UNID , weak signal, language ??
Audio : http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/2968.mp3
(TNX PERSEUS server in Russia, TNX rz3dvp!)

5940kHz Radio Rossii, etc.. [XYZ]

3325kHz PNG NBC-Bougainville
5920kHz SK Voice of Freedom, no jammer

5940kHz UNID strong carrier, but no modulation ..
????-2050 Local language ?
2050- Russian, SA at -2100- : http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/2974.mp3

7260kHz Mongolia Radio 1 -0100*, 9410kHz UNID -0100*, UNID 6120kHz etc.. [XYZ]

5940kHz (No signal)
7200kHz (No signal)
7260kHz MONGOLIA Radio 1, strong signal, // http://www.mnb.mn/live/radio1
8121kHz CHINA VC01-Chinese Robot (Numbers station), USB

9410kH UNID, -0100* with music, Fu Hsing backed ??,
audio : http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/3000.mp3

5940kHz (No signal)
13974kHz TAIWAN V13 - XingXing BS, AM
15170kHz Radio Free Asia, Tibetan, // 13795kHz
Not yet registered ..

7345kHz No signal (Radio Sakha)

9410kHz No signal(Fu Hsing) No live stream :
Acc. to their website : "00:00 ~ 24:00 No program broadcast"

6120kHz UNID, strong signal, Non-stop Pops songs
YouTube : https://youtu.be/NRYb1ih3uGw
-0450* Songs only ..

7345kHz RUSSIA Radio Sakha, what time s/on ??

9410kHz UNID Chinese, etc.. [XYZ]

9410kHz UNID in chinese, It is neither CNR-1 nor CNR-5, Fu Hsing has no live stream.
audio at -0850- : http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/3004.mp3
sounded like "... Fu Hsing Guangpo Diantai ..." (It may be my hearing mistake.

-1000* s/off c/off, soon c/on and CNR5 started..

Sorry, I could not confirm ..

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log (14) [Amano]
Hello! Ron-san and Hiroyuki.

Very nice, Ron-san.
eQSL from Russia is really rare, isn't it?
I think that it is amazing for that.


I'm coming to Hokkaido right now.
I will summarize the broadcast heard yesterday.

- - - - - Amano's log:

KOREA SOUTH. 9885, National Unified Broadcasting, *1200-, on Feb 7.
I confirmed that it moved from 7530 kHz to 9885 kHz.

KOREA NORTH. 3945, EOU, 1430-1431*, on Feb 7.
I heard EOU's end announcement and confirmed that I have not announced 3945 kHz yet.
My audio at http://radio.chobi.net/bbsasia/img/4126.mp3

CHINA. 837, CCTV News Channel, 1645-1705, on Feb 7.
I confirmed the SA/ID of CCTV News Channel at 837 kHz at 1655 and 1700.
The SA/ID in Chinese of CCTV News Channel is "Zhongyang dianshitai Xinwen Pindao".
Is Harbin News Radio relaying CCTV-13 sound?
My audio at http://radio.chobi.net/bbsasia/img/4127.mp3

KOREA NORTH. 819, KCBS, -1828*,on Feb 7.
KCBS of each SW band c/off after the end of the broadcast,
but the 819 kHz KCBS doesn't c/off and a mysterious signal is started.
Perhaps, I think that it is jamming after the end of the broadcast.
My audio at http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/3032.mp3

CHINA. 927, Liaoning Village Radio, 1845-1903,on Feb 7.
I confirmed the SA at 1847.
The SA is "Liaoning guang bo dianshitai Xiang cun Guang bo" in Chinese.
My audio at http://radio.chobi.net/bbs/img/8340.mp3

Amano, listening at Hokkaido, Eniwa-City, Japan.

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log (14) [Amano]
Hello! Hiroyuki and Ron-san.

Hiroyuki, thank you for the information.
I also confirmed that VOF QSY to 6045 kHz.
6045 kHz is No jamming,
North Korean jamming is still at 5920 kHz.

It is a very clear audio! Ron-san.
I heard the audio of that 4 minutes.
This program is
"Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games Focus" in "News plaza".

*** 03:04-03:10
Female Korean : "Jigeumkkaji,
Pyeongchang Dong-gye Ollimpig gyeong-gi-e chojeom-eul
In English : "Until now,
Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games Focus
was sent."

This program is
"Weather and topics"

In addition,
I checked all the programs
between *1551 - 2006* on Feb 11.
Reference - http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:3051

Most of each program is full of topics of the Olympic Games.
Pyeongchang Olympic theme song flowed to the first song of
"Happy Republic of Korea" program from 1900.
My audio at 1903'21"-1904'36", Feb 11
- http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/3052.mp3
We Go pyongchang - http://youtu.be/umx-Fq1NFCc

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log (14) [Ron Howard]
AUSTRALIA. 5055, Radio 4KZ, on Feb 17 (Saturday), at 1107 with
Lulu - "To Sir With Love"; at 1112 with Cliff Richard - "We Don't Talk
Anymore"; noted many breaks for ads and seemed like station promos;
almost readable. The problem for me today was with improved signal
from Australia, I also had stronger than usual QRM from China (BBR)
on 5050, even in USB.

A new weekend schedule? Checking today (Feb 17), at 1255+, found
them off the air. Weekdays had recently noted 1405*, within a minute
or two either way.

CHINA. 4900 // 4940, Voice of Strait, 1302, Feb 16. Live annual coverage
of the Chinese New Year's Eve (Spring Festival) Gala; CCTV audio feed,
with comedy skits, musical selections, etc., from Beijing. The start of China's
most important holiday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeRi86DcfyA ,
video of gala starts about 37:30.

Checked almost all the Chinese SW stations for this gala coverage, but only
found these two VOS frequencies carrying it. A disappointment to me, as in
past years I enjoyed the gala on a wide variety of stations.

RUSSIA. 5940.0, Radio Rossii Kamchatka, heard again Feb 15 (Thursday).
0245-0248 & 0256 till end of audio at 0259, with musical segments; 0300-0303
with test tone going on and off till transmitter off at 0303. A different format
than I heard Feb 13, as tonight there was no ID nor time pips; seemed to
be in Russian; some QRM from Radio Sadaye Zindagi.

Conforming to their schedule of being off the air on the weekend, observed
no signal from Kamchatka, Saturday (Feb 17). Noted on 5940.0, from 0238
till cut off at 0259*, with assume IBRA Media, Radio Sadaye Zindagi, via Al
Dhabayya; language and music sounded correct to be them; some QRM
from Brazil on the low side.

ZAMBIA. 5915, ZNBC/Radio One, 0418, Feb 15. Nice "GOtv, live it, love it"
promo in English and vernacular. Always love hearing these ads in English!
Brief audio attached.

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log (14) [Amano]
KOREA SOUTH. 6045, Voice of Freedom,1320-1506*/*1551-2006*, on Feb 23.
Broadcasting until 1506 has North Korean jamming.
There was no jamming broadcast from 1551.
However, Pip jamming came out for only one minute at 1704'44"-1705'44"!
My audio (1704'40"-1705'55") at

Check same wave 6045 kHz interference station.
1200-1400 CNR1 * 2 Jammer, VOA-Chinese.
My audio (1359'50"-1401'05") at

1600-1627 "Furusato no Kaze" from Japan.
My audio (1600'00"-1600'30" & 1609'37"-1611'36")) at
* Until 1607, the "Furusato no Kaze" dominated,
and after that the VOF was reversed.

1551-2006 VOF program check.
Reference : http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:3082

About 1930,
the Korean version of "Don't Worry Be Happy"
was heard with "Haengboghan Daehanmingug"!
My audio (1929'56"-1931'11") at

Original version : https://youtu.be/d-diB65scQU
Korean version : https://youtu.be/qyc20beU8Os

Amano, listening at my home in Saitama, Japan.

UNID 7275kHz, etc.. [XYZ]

7275kHz UNID Chinese station, very weak signal, Not// CNR-1/2/5 Xinjiang(Uighur)
SA at -0301- : http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/3086.mp3
-0330- : http://radio.chobi.net/bbsasia/img/4163.mp3

7275kHz CHINA PBS Xingjiang, Uighur, weak signal, UNID station not found..

Re: RUSSIA : Radio Rossii MW:810kHz [XYZ]
810kHz still on air !, (SW s/off), heavy QRM of
AFN-Tokyo on co-channel.

//- http://www.radiorus.ru/

Time until either the broadcast ??

-1600* 810kHz(maybe s/off), test tone signal

Re: 765 kHz Russian station. [XYZ]
Radio Vostok Rossii

Sample of their SA... (at -1030- UTC via Live stream)

-1100- SA :
... maybe same as AMANO's audio

Re: Asia - Pacific DX log (13) [XYZ]

6035kHz BHUTAN BBS, English, TEL talk, heavy QRM from CHINA CNR-1 6030kHz

6035kHz CHINA Yunnan PBS, Vietnamese, Mix Yunnan & Bhutan

Nov 30, 2017
0945-1000 (Light music)
1000-1030 Vietnamese, SA at-1000-: http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/img/2769.mp3
See also : http://www.qingting.fm/radios/20139


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