Re: North Korea : V28 "The Parrot" (03) [Philby]
-1300-1309* 3517.8 kHz
-1301- 3051.1 kHz very weak

with websdr in Japan, no other frequencies heard

Re: UNID : 3213kHz USB Russian [XYZ]
-1340* 3213kHz USB UNID station in Russian

Maybe counting 0 to 10 in Russian : "1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0"

"a-din, dva, tri, chye-tiy-rye, pyat, shest, syem, vo-syem, dye-vyet, noli" ???

Who ?

Re: UNID : unidentification station [Philby]
-1248-1253* 3340.0kHz LSB male operator, chinese ? numbers ? military ?
Re: North Korea : V28 *1030- [XYZ]
*1029- 3277kHz female "Rak-du-san Rak-du-san"
-1030- 3159kHz male "Cheon-gye-san Cheon-gye-san"
-1031- 3702kHz female "???"
-1031- 3067kHz female "???" New secret code ?? sounded like "San-noh-san"

audio (3067kHz secret code);

Re: North Korea : V28 3702kHz [XYZ]
V28 3702kHz -1046-

Somewhere program after the end of the numbers station it was flowing.
His speech was similar to the north of the accent.
It recording is too late, it has become a part only.... sorry