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Re: 2021年05月:雑談用スレッド 天野 2021/05/12(Wed) 17:45 No.9041

Hi Ron-san
I’m always grateful for your information.
Thank you so much!

Your Audio -
HLL2 Seoul (KMR) on 5857.5 kHz
Your audio clip ありがとうございます。
KMR has a power of 3 kW.
What a great audio from California!

Your audio -
VOJL on 6200 kHz.
Certainly, the wave will be sign off once after VOJL standing up.
It was the same when I heard it on April 23.
My audio attached. (03:56)
Your audio at 01:17- // My audio at 02:46, same program promotion and male music.
The male music is “Unscrupulous“ sung by Xue Zhiqian.

Your audio -
Sarawak FM on 9835 kHz, Islamic Maghrib (sunset prayer) call-to-prayer
確かにWai FM on 11665 kHzの音と比べると音質は良いです。
Certainly, the sound quality is better than the sound of Wai FM on 11665 kHz.
I also heard Sarawak FM yesterday.
The interference on the upper and lower sides is severe and difficult to hear.
My audio is at

Saitama, Japan

↓受信音↓ 6200kHz 金陵之声 - VOJL standing up (03:56 edit)
1225’00“-1227’16“ UTC, 00:00-02:16
1229’34“-1231’14“ UTC, 02:16-03:56
<Saitama, Toda-city, Arakawa Riverside RX:ICF-SW7600GR ANT:Built-in whip>
※01:11-02:41 『♪思念是一種病』(張震嶽)


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