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CHINA : Gannan PBS, Night Program on 3990/5970kHz --- - Oct 16, 2016 10:01 UTC No.17
Gannan PBS

See also : http://radio.chobi.net/DX/bbs/?res:1778

Evening program was to change, which is only to relay of Chinese program.
*1025-1400*(1345*) Chinese, Relay of "Gannan PBS - General Broadcasting"
Live stream: http://www.gnrtv.com/live/node_193.shtml

Website : http://www.gnrtv.com/
Website : http://gannan01557.11467.com/
Live Stream (Chinese): http://www.gnrtv.com/live/node_193.shtml
Live Stream (Tibetan): http://www.gnrtv.com/live/node_194.shtml
SA in Chinese : "Gannan Renmin Guangbo Diantai"
SA in Chinese : "Gannan guangbo dianshatai zonghe guangbo"

Re: CHINA : Gannan PBS, moved to 5979kHz Dec 20, 2016 13:01 UTC No.25
Gannan PBS moved from 5970kHz to 5979kHz since December 2016.

Their night program still Chinese language only.(Nothing Tibetan px)
*1025-1350* 5979kHz Chinese

Re: CHINA : Gannan PBS back to 5970kHz(ex:5979kHz) May 13, 2017 13:48 UTC No.39
Gannan PBS back to 5970kHz from 5979kHz today(May 13, 2017).

*1025-1350* 5970, 3990kHz Chinese

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